About Us

In every FPS game, we are hunting down our opponents. Of course, some of us actively seek out our opponents (no camping, right?).

At Gaming Chairs Hunter we are determined to seek out the best gaming chairs for every kind of gamers. Racing gamer, video gamers, console gamers or just the people who would like to have a perfect balance between gaming and an office chair.

Our reviews and assessments are primarily based on:

  • Gaming chairs features. We look at the built quality, materials, swivel features, rocking features and, above else, gaming experience that gaming chairs can enhance.
  • User reviews. We look out for people who have a good and bad experience with every chair to deliver the most objective and balanced user reviews.
  • Price range. Of course, the price is very important when it comes to buying a gaming chair because we all have a limited budget that would like to use to buy games from Steam, computer components and so on. If we can find a gaming chair for $200 that offers the same gaming experience as a $300 chair, that is $100 saved on our next RAM or graphics card.
  • Every gamer needs the best chair for him/her. We structured gamingchairshunter.com to reflect different styles of gaming; from a console (Xbox, PlayStation) gaming to racing games and standard PC/computer games.

It is our hope to be of assistance when you’re trying to hunt down that perfect chair that is best suited for your style of gaming and your budget.