AutoFull Pink Bunny Chair Review (2021)

AutoFull bunny gaming chair is in a class of its own. I mean, you can find a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair easily. What’s difficult to find is a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair that is quite as spectacular as AutoFull pink gaming chair.

We’re not only talking the chair built (which is excellent, by the way) but the looks as well. The whole point of this remarkable pink gaming chair is the aesthetics.

It is meant as a perfect addon for a girl’s gaming setup. AutoFull pink gaming chair comes with cute additions, such as:

  1. Cute bunny ears (that look soooo cute!).
  2. White bunny tail.
  3. Fury armrests. Cute and comfortable.
  4. Sakura 5-star base in pink and white.

Here’s how all these look:

review of autofull pink gaming chair with bunny ears

In short, the AutoFull gaming chair in pink is pure cuteness overload. AutoFull was nice enough to give me a $40 OFF code. It’s meant for you, you can use the code when you buy the AutoFull pink chair directly from them. The code is ‘GCHUNTER‘, you can use it and buy the chair here:

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Here at Gaming Chairs Hunter I breakdown the chairs to see how well they are made of. Let’s go into full AutoFull pink bunny gaming chair review from the base to the bunny ears:

Review Of AutoFull Bunny Chair (Comfortability, Parts)

Above all, the best thing about the AutoFull chair is the looks. Moreover, female gamers also want to know two things:

  1. Is the AutoFull pink gaming chair comfortable?
  2. Is it durable?

We’ll address both questions. Obviously, cozy parts (appropriately distributed) make a chair comfortable, and sturdy parts make it durable.

You want a gaming chair that will enable you to play games effortlessly for hours on end. And, given that you’re spending $300, you want to know it will last for at least a few years. Nobody really liked uncomfortable chairs that fall apart within 2 years.

Is AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair Comfortable?

In short, of course it is. Comfortability of the AutoFull chair in pink comes down to:

  1. Design. AutoFull has 4D body-embracing design that (literally) hugs you from behind.
  2. Upholstery. Here you have soft PU leather upholstery. More importantly, underneath the leather, you will find the high-density foam padding. The ‘high-density0 is exactly what makes sitting on the AutoFull chair cozy.
  3. Stability. Re-enforced steel frame coupled with the Sakura base and quite rolling casters make the AutoFull pink stable. If you want a comfy chair, make sure it’s stable when you sit on it.

4D Body-Embracing Design (With Lumbar Support)

The best way AutoFull achieves the comfortability of their pink gaming chair is by implementing the 4D body-embracing design. The key idea behind every comfortable chair is that it distributes your weight well.

AutoFull bunny chair comes with an extensive backrest with left and right ‘wings’. The backrest itself supports the spine. The ‘wings’ additionally support your shoulders. What is more, it gives you that cozy hugging effect. Basically, the chair hugs you from behind.

hugging effect of autofull pink chair

The lumbar support is important as well. AutoFull pink chair features long lumbar support for your lower back. That takes quite a lot of weight of your spine and enables you to sit more comfortably. The support pillow is much bigger (and therefore more comfortable) than a standard gaming chair lumbar support.

The pink chair also features 2D armrests. You can move them up and down; the full length of movement is 2.5 inches.

Soft Upholstery And High-Density Foam Padding

The pink and white upholstery is made out of soft PU leather. The soft-touch the PU leather AutoFull uses is very skin-friendly. What is more, it also gives the chair pink aesthetics.

What is even more important for comfortability, however, is what’s hidden beneath the upholstery. Pink AutoFull gaming chair comes with high-density foam padding. I literally cannot stress enough how important is the high-density padding. The No. 1 problem with cheaper chair is regular (not high-density) foam.

The foam padding is thick. The seat of the AutoFull pink chair is where the thick padding with the high-density foam has the biggest effect. You can see from the photo below how thick the padding is on the seat; feels like sitting on a pink cloud:

thickness of high density foam padding in the seat of autofull pink chair

The additional advantage of a stable built (re-enforced steel frame) is that you can enjoy napping in the pink gaming chair. The theory goes like this; 90° angle is for working, 120° angle of the backrest is for gaming (most comfy position, in my opinion), and the 155° angle is for short naps in between gaming:

recline angles and steel frame of autofull pink chair

Durability Of Pink AutoFull Chair (Stable And Reliable)

Despite looking so cute and kawaii, the AutoFull chair has good reliability. Here is what the pink chair with bunny ears offer:

  1. Re-enforced steel frame. Steel is always good to have when you’re looking for durability.
  2. Sturdy (and quiet) rolling casters. With most chairs, casters are the first thing you have to change. AutoFull pink has sturdy casters that won’t breakdown that easily.
  3. Sakura base. 5-star base in pink and white is the standard as far as the gaming chairs are concerned.
  4. SGS level 4 gas lift. Usually, chairs have level 3 lift. Level 4 lift is a welcome upgrade. This brings the maximum weight capacity to 300 lbs; which is quite a lot for a gaming chair that is meant for female gamers.

Together, these 4 elements for the basis for AutoFull bunny chair durability and stability. The use of high-quality steel, sturdy casters, Sakura base, and level 4 gas lift is a smart way to ensure the chair will last for years.

Overall Verdict (Best Pink Gaming Chair)

Based on all the parts (and especially the aesthetics), the AutoFull gaming chair is outrageously great. I mean, you see this kind of parts like hugging-effect and level 4 gas lift on professional gaming chairs.

The AutoFull pink chair shines, especially in the aesthetics department. The pink color is vivid and fits well with pink, red, and purple gaming setups. And you get the spectacular add-ons: the pink bunny ears, bunny tail, fury armrests with the sakura 5-star base finishing the look.

This is literally the best female gaming chair I have ever reviewed. Remarkable in every sense, comfortable and durable, I’m lost for words.

AutoFull currently also offers the $40 OFF deal with a special code ‘GCHunter’. You can use it and buy your own AutoFull pink gaming chair directly here:

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