5 Truly Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Gaming ($1,000+ Chairs)

All truly ergonomic chairs usually have one thing in common: They are ridiculously expensive.

We’re not talking about those gaming chairs that just appear to be ‘ergonomic’. You’ll find 100s of those. Yes, they are marketed as ‘ergonomic’, but are they really? I have yet seen a truly ergonomic chair without a synchronized tilt function; and none of those 100s of gaming chairs that are marketed as ergonomic has it.

Of course, when it comes to ergonomic gaming chairs, this question on the tip of everybody’s tongue:

Why would anybody in their right mind spend more than $1,000 on a gaming chair?

Well, for one, because 1 hour with chiropractor costs more than $100. And a chiropractor is fixing your backache that you very well know you could avoid with some small steps like keeping your posture correctly and of course by choosing a truly ergonomic office chair.

Secondly, gaming chairs might have all those 4D armrests but they can look, well, nerdy. Teenagers will adore them, obviously, but when you’re in your 30s you probably find an ergonomic office chair a bit cooler than a racing gaming chair with flashy colors.

I found this great comment on Reddit that pretty much sums it up when wondering if you should buy a gaming chair or an office chair for gaming (here’s a screenshot):

reddit review of herman miller aeron chair for gaming

While most of the gaming chairs try to enrich your gaming experience, these office chairs for gaming are only about one thing:

  1. Ergonomics.

Everybody who ever sat on the same chair for 8 hours will know that you do need to stretch from time to time. Imagine sitting on that chair for years on end.

Even gamers get that lightbulb over their heads that says:

“Maybe I really should get the best possible ergonomic office chair.”

Because there are many gamers that swear on using office chairs for gaming, we’ve made a shortlist of those truly best office chairs that can be used for safe and ergonomic gaming.

Spoiler alert: The one, and truly there is this one and usually the only one, the drawback with all these extremely comfortable Herman Miller chairs, is the price. Spending anything less than $700 on a new Herman Miller chair for gaming is a fantasy.

5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Gaming (Best Overall Choice For Your Back If You Can Afford One)

Target:Office Chair:Cool Feature:Price, Rating, Availability:
white aeron miller chair with synchronized tiltHerman Miller Aeron Remastered 2020 Office Chair The ultimate ergonomic office chair for gaming
Synchronized tilt powers your spinal muscles
Choose between A, B, C sizes
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
steelcase gesture chair that can be used for gaming instead of herman miller aeronSteelcase Gesture Chair Futuristic-looking alternative to Herman Miller Aeron.
Costs less than Aeron
Science of sitting corrections
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
black graphite herman miller embody chairHerman Miller Embody Chair In Black Graphite Perfect for evil geniuses
Made for ruling the world
4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
marvel gaming chair edition the sidiz t80 captain america editionSIDIZ T80 Marvel Avengers Top-Tier AND Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair Inspired by Marvel's Avengers
Ultimate synchronized tilt technology
Sleek and futuristic design
4.4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
cream white gates chair for comfortable gamingGates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base Focus on comfortability; with thick padding for pleasant gaming
Very affordable price point
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon

1. Herman Miller Iconic Aeron Office Chair (The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair)

Herman Miller is a synonym for the best office chairs in the world. The best of the best of their chairs is the iconic Aeron chair that pretty much impress any CEO or business partner.

It is about the fame of the Aeron, the looks, and the exquisite design, but what really matters most is how incredibly ergonomic this chair is.

More than 20 years of research into the very science of sitting went into designing the Herman Miller Aeron chair. They’re constantly updating this iconic chair because of the new and better materials, technological advances and new scientific evidence of what sitting perfectly for you back feels like.

For this new 2020 ready design they’ve contacted Don Chadwick, the original designer of Herman Miller Aeron chair, to create an incredibly ergonomic and good-looking Aeron:

aeron chair for gaming
Amazing Herman Miller Aeron chair as designed by Don Chadwick with a satin aluminum finish.

This is really another class of chairs for gaming. The features are nothing you’ve ever seen before. For example, they used 8 latitudinal zones of varying tension that envelop your back fully when sitting.

The seat suspension is the 8Z Pellicle elastomeric technology; you don’t really need to know what that means – it really all comes together when you’re sitting in the new updated Aeron chair. It feels like sitting on a cloud, really.

Herman Miller Aeron also has that highly sought after synchronized tilt function. The science of sitting will tell you that being completely still on your chair is detrimental to the blood flow and nutrient pumping action of your spinal muscles.

The cutting-edge tech tilt function enables you to move and the Aeron chair moves along with you. That’s how your spinal muscle gets more nutrients and don’t feel sore after 12-hours of gaming.

The Aeron commands quite a presence, supports your spine but it will hurt your wallet quite a lot. Nonetheless, a bad spine will kick your wallet even more, so for serious gamers and guys who sit most of their days having a Herman Miller Aeron can be invaluable in the long run.

Herman Miller Aeron

  • The ultimate ergonomic chair for gaming and office.
  • Synchronized tilt pours nutrients into your spinal muscles and doesn’t make your sore.
  • Choose between A, B, C sizes, according to the size of your body.
  • The best chair money can buy, hands down.
  • You’ll need quite a lot of money to buy one.

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair For Gaming (Cheaper Alternative To Herman Miller Aeron)

Even since the introduction of Herman Miller Aeron people desperately want it – but, maybe, for a little lower price.

You really have to hunt for long and go far to find something that comes close to Aeron chair; and at the end of the road, you find the Steelcase Gesture chair.

Remember that Aeron started it’s a long ergonomic road about 20 years ago? Well, the Steelcase Gesture chair was inspired by the modern man and the movement of modern men in the modern workplace we find today.

It’s the same mentality behind the chair, except that the Steelcase Gesture chair has jumped over the first few stages and just went ahead to create one of the best office chairs for a 2020 office guy.

Here is a glimpse of the Steelcase chair that can be used for gaming:

steelcase gesture chair is a great alternative for herman miller aeron chair
Steelcase Gesture chair is a less expensive alternative for all gamers who can’t afford Herman Miller Aeron.
The one thing that I find more appealing with the Steelcase chair over the Aeron is the futuristic design. It really looks like something Star Trek crew would sit in when engaging the warp drive.

The Steelcase is quite formidably built; it’s quite literally a steel-case of a chair. And the graphite finish is amazing.

Of course, the important thing is that it’s not as expensive as the Herman Miller Aeron chair. You’re still looking at a price of about $1,000 which is a could of hundred bucks cheaper than the Aeron.

However, you don’t really get the bragging rights that come with Herman Miller chairs.

Steelcase Gesture

  • Futuristic-looking alternative to Herman Miller Aeron.
  • Formidable steel-reinforced built.
  • Acknowledges and implements the science of sitting corrections.
  • Costs less than Aeron.
  • You’ll need quite a lot of money to buy one.

3. Embody Chair By Herman Miller (Perfect For Ruling The World + Gaming)

The whole point of the Embody chair is to encapsulate and hug all of your body in one comfortable and ergonomic cocoon.

However, just one look at it and you realize what the main purpose of the Herman Miller Embody chair is.

It’s obviously all about that evil genius who will one day rule the Earth. I cannot confirm this but I just imagine Elon Musk has one these in his office.

I mean, just look at it – the dark graphite backrest is formidable:

is herman miller embody chair appropriate for call of duty
The formidable Embody chair by Herman Miller was probably designed as a throne for an evil genius who wants to conquer the world.

Joking aside; this is a Herman Miller chair and Herman Miller never makes chairs office people wouldn’t like. The real question is why a gamer would prefer to choose the Embody chair over let’s say noblechairs ICON gaming chair.

It does have that tough of the Almighty to it which can go a long way when playing God in strategy gamers. The rhythm fabric is fantastic but really the main purpose of having the Embody chair is just to show off.

Nobody just goes pass the Herman Miller chair without noticing it and, along with the ergonomic qualities, this, I believe, is the main purpose of the chair: to crown yourself an evil genius set to conquer the world.

Herman Miller Embody

  • Ferocious looking Herman Miller chair.
  • Perfect for evil geniuses.
  • Made for ruling the world.
  • Rhythm fabric feels like touching the clouds.
  • Along with the bragging rights comes the bragging-worthy cost.

4. SIDIZ T80 Marvel Avengers Top-Tier AND Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair

The SIDIZ T80 is a gaming chair for every Marvel fan who’s old enough to know the importance of superb ergonomics. The T80 model is the only top tier gaming chair with a synchronized tilt system. That’s the very thing that makes the Herman Miller office chairs so ergonomic (and allow them to boost their chair price well beyond $1000).

If you’ve ever sat on a chair with synchronized tilt, you know how futuristic and ergonomic it feels. For everybody else: the synchronized tilt system combines the seat plate and the backrest that move independently in response to natural body movements.

That’s right – the SIDIZ T80 chair moves along with you. You don’t need to customize it for this or that sitting position; the synchronized tilt mechanism moves the backrest and the seat as you move. It’s wonderful!

Here a photo of the SIDIZ T80 Captain American gaming chair with some of the key features listed (top among them is the synchronized tilt):

sidit t80 is a gaming chair with synchronized tilt mechanism and other advanced features
SIDIZ T80 is the only top-tier gaming chair with the incredible synchronized tilt technology.

With the SIDIZ T80 gaming chair, you can even adjust the intensity of the tilt mechanism; you can set the chair up to move with you with every slightest move, or crank it up to move with you only with your big moves.

The sleek design (and, of course, if you don’t choose the Captain American model – they have one in white and black as well) makes the SIDIZ chair perfect for office work as well.

Being both office AND gaming chair just gives you that 2-in-1 deal where you don’t have to buy two chairs; you can just use the budget for two chairs and buy one perfect one.

You will, of course, need a bit of an additional budget. The SIDIZ T80 is the only top-tier chair with synchronized tilt, and synchronized tilt is such an advanced ergonomic feature that it can increase the price of a chair quite a bit.

The SIDIZ T80 is a $1,000 gaming chair but if you can afford it, your back will be thankful for every penny you spent.


  • Synchronized tilt mechanism (it’s like Herman Miller but for gaming).
  • Nylon casters that every surface will feel comfortable with.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Gaming AND office chair; you can the 2-in-1 chair.
  • It’s a high-end chair with a high-end price. No cutting corners here.

5. Gates Genuine Leather Ergonomic Office Chair By Zuri Furniture (Cheaper And Comfier Option)

The Gates office chair by Zuri Furniture doesn’t very special at first sight. However, underneath that padding, it’s hiding the ergonomy synchronized tilt reclining mechanism and it’s overall a high-end comfortable office chair for gaming that won’t leave your wallet empty.

As a general rule, the office chair tends to be more ergonomic than comfortable (it’s really difficult to have both – only Herman Miller chairs truly achieve that). The Gates chair is a complete opposite – it’s focus is on comfortability and the chair itself has decent ergonomic qualities as well.

You can see that Zuri Furniture made a chair is thickly padded with high-density foam and covered with durable and expensive real leather:

real leather gates chair for gaming in cream leather
The Gates chair is cream real leather. It is a comfy office chair that can be used for gamers (primarily strategy games).

The Gates chair is surprisingly light considering all that heavy padding. A part of the reason is the polished aluminum base that is both light and strong.

The really amazing thing is that such a comfortable chair has incorporated a synchronized tilt system; that enables the chair to follow your movements. You usually find such a mechanism with a high-end ergonomic chair that is rather thin; the Gates chair presents you with the same ergonomic-enhancing system but with comfortable padding to boost.

The price of this ergonomic office chair for gaming is more than affordable. Considering that most of the uniquely designed office chairs cost more than $1,000, the Gates chair with real leather is quite a steal.

Gates Chair By Zuri Furniture

  • Has synchronized tilt system.
  • Focus on comfortability; with thick padding for pleasant gaming.
  • Focus on comfortability; with thick padding for pleasant gaming.
  • Real leather is a plus.
  • Not as amazing as Herman Miller.

Difference Between ‘Ergonomic’ And Truly Ergonomic Gaming Chair

In summary, having a truly ergonomic chair does cost you a lot. However, not having one might cost you even more in backpain and chiropractic bills.

Having a synchronized tilt system at your back at all times while gaming is a premium option. And it’s one that’s worth having if you can afford it.

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