5 Truly Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Gaming (2021 Edition)

3 gaming chairs with one being the most ergonomic gaming chair with correct posture

All truly ergonomic chairs usually have one thing in common: They are ridiculously expensive. We’re not talking about those gaming chairs that just appear to be ‘ergonomic’. You’ll find 100s of those. Yes, they are marketed as ‘ergonomic’, but are they really? I have yet seen a truly ergonomic chair without a synchronized tilt function; … Read more

12 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs That Won’t Fall Apart (2021)

best budget friendly gaming chairs

Even a cheap gaming chair can amplify your gaming skill. All professional gamers from Jaedong to Fatal1ty have their favorite ones. Hell, even PewDiePie has one. Having a comfortable, ergonomic, and cool looking chair for gaming is a no-brainer. However, there’s this issue of picking the best gaming chair among 100s (if not 1000s) of … Read more

7 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs In 2021 (Compared & Reviewed)

a list of the most comfy gaming chairs

Ok, here’s the deal about cozy gaming chairs. I can’t tell you how many lists of the ‘8 most comfortable gaming chairs in 2020’ I’ve seen that are full of just sturdy non-comfortable office chairs for $500. The ones without any armrest padding, no footrest, and barely above-average seat padding thickness. I really can’t stress … Read more