8 Best Folding Gaming Chairs In 2021: Compared & Reviewed

If you have a small apartment or gaming room, saving space does make a whole lot of sense. The folding gaming chairs can be a great way to save on space; you can simply fold them and put them in a closet and get some well-needed space when you’re gaming.

Of course, when you want to have a chill afternoon of gaming, you can simply unfold a gaming chair, put it in front of your computer or console and start gaming.

We have prepared a shortlist of the top 8 best foldable gaming chairs that help you save some space while ensuring you’ll have comfortable gaming experience. If you need some additional ideas on how to save space with your pick of furniture, you can check out 15 Space-Saving Furniture ideas here.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that there are two kinds of folding gaming chairs:

  1. Standard audio X Rocker folding chairs (best for console and PC gaming).
  2. Universal use memory foam floor foldable gaming chairs (chill and soft memory foam chairs you can use for gaming, watching TV, reading or just hanging around).

The 2nd ones are actually the only gaming chairs that come in natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, suede and velvet. Which is nice.

We’ll go around and cover all kinds of foldable gaming chairs.

Two Kinds Of Foldable Gaming Chairs (And Which One Is Better For You)

For really passionate gamers, I would recommend the standard foldable gaming chair (X Rockers make a lot of them, we’ll make a review of the top 3 gaming chairs that can be folded). You get the feel of a real gaming chair with speakers and even an armrest (check the #5 X Rocker 5143601 II chair).

For avid amateur gamers who prefer to game and chill, the memory foam universal foldable chairs are more appropriate. They’re light, cheap and comfortable as hell! Wouldn’t really recommend those if you’re gaming 3+ hours per day; the X Rocker chair might be a better choice of a foldable gaming chair.

With this in mind, here is the list of the top 8 gaming chairs that can fold and save you some space:

Target:Folding Chair's Name:Bonus:Price, Rating, Availability:
floor foldable gaming chair by birdrock homeBirdrock Home Floor Folding Chair (Memory Foam)+ Light (10.5 lbs)
+ Universal use
+ Cheap
4.5 out of 5 stars
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foldable gaming chair by x rocker v rockerX Rocker 5130301 SE Foldable Gaming Chair With Wireless Speakers + 2 speakers and subwoofer
+ V Rocker interactive audio
3.5 out of 5 stars
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giantex folding gaming chair for cheapGiantex Foldable Gaming Chair For The Floor+ Cheap (less than $70)
+ Universal Use
4.2 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
NNEWVANTE unique foldable gaming chairNNEWVANTE Unique Foldable Chair For Universal Use+ Unique design
+ Multi-purpose
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
ace bayou foldable gaming chairAce Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Foldable Gaming Chair+ 2 speakers and subwoofer
+ V Rocker interactive audio
3.8 out of 5 stars
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xp 1 cohesion foldable gaming chairXP-1 Cohesion Minimalistic Foldable Gaming Chair+ Minimalistic design
+ Cheap
+ Light (20.9 lbs)
3.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
Harper and Bright Designs folding chair for gamingHarper & Bright Designs Floor Gaming Chair That Can Be Folded+ Universal use
+ 360-Degree Swivel
4.2 out of 5 stars
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foldable gaming chair with bluetooth connectionX Rocker Surge Foldable Gaming Chair With Bluetooth+ 2 speakers and subwoofer
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ 2.1 sound immersion experience
4.1 out of 5 stars
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1. Birdrock Home Foldable Gaming Chair For Universal Use (Memory Foam)

The Birdrock Home encapsulates the true essence of a foldable chair that can be used for gaming. It is a floor gaming chair with the integral parts:

  1. (inside) Memory foam, designed with chopping pattern that adjusts to your body characteristics.
  2. (outside) Plush fabric, soft to the touch, that makes the skin-fabric touch comfortable and is friendlier to the floor (ever a carpet) than any chair with rolling casters.

When reviewing the Birdrock Home foldable gaming chair, it is vital to point out that the chair has a spine. You can completely fold out the chair into a horizontal position, or bring it up into the backrest up into the 90-degree perpendicular position which is perfect for playing games.

There are in total 14 different settings or angle that you can set the Birdrock Home chair in:

14 different folding settings or angles the birdrock blue gaming chair can fold in
The Birdrock Home universal foldable chair for gaming, reading, napping, and cozy time in general.

How Much Space Does it Take?

Now, the whole point of having a foldable gaming chair is the comfort of how easy it is to store it. The Birdrock Home is usually stored in a completely flat setting.

The flat dimensions are 21.25” (width) x 41.25” (length) x  6” (height). The flat dimension makes it to just swing the foldable chair under the bed or a couch. You can also put it atop your closet and gain a bit of space. It weighs 10.5 pounds so lifting it up over your head is possible and it will also make you feel like Superman.

All in all, the Birdrock Home folding chair offers everything that you can expect from a universal memory foam chair. To top it all off, it’s fabulously comfortable and allows for a cozy gaming experience:

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2. X Rocker 5130301 SE Foldable Gaming Chair With Wireless Speakers (Cause Beautiful Chairs Have Curves As Well)

The X Rocker 5130301 SE is such a sweet nice model that we can consider it as a foldable gaming chair, floor gaming chair as well as a gaming chair with speakers. It is everything that, and more!

Being a standard folding gaming chair, the X Rocker chair has a lot more to offer. Of course, you can fold it into a small package that will neatly go in any closet, but the true value of this chair is the experience of having a comfortable floor chair with speakers.

For the full V Rocker audio experience, the chair comes equipped with two forward-facing wireless speakers and a powerful subwoofer (we talk more about the wireless gaming chair with speakers in this post), making it quite a folding chair with benefits:

x rocker black foldable gaming chair without pedestal and with wireless speakers and a subwoofer
In addition to being the #1 standard foldable gaming chair, the X Rocker offers wireless speakers with the V Rocker interactive audio.

How Well Does The X Rocker Chair Fold?

You can just lay out a universal memory foam gaming chair. With the standard foldable gaming chair, however, there is a different story. They have curves and you can’t just lay it out in a horizontal position for storage.

The X Rocker gaming chair needs to be properly and fully folded in order to occupy as little storage space as possible. When you squeeze it together by folding it fully, its dimensions will be 25.2” (width) x 18.4” (length) x 16.4” (height). In short, it’s more of a cube-like structure that can fit in a closet or even a cupboard.

These standard foldable chairs are also heavier than simple floor memory foams; for instance, the X Rocker 5130301 SE weighs 29 pounds. That is too heavy for a child to carry around but still fairly light for an adult (parents, for example) to move the chair around.

You can get it at incredible below $100 price here:

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3. Giantex Foldable Gaming Chair For The Floor (Similar To #1 But Cheaper)

One look at the Giantex chair and it does look kind of familiar; especially if you read the Birdrock Home foldable gaming chair review in full (it’s the #1 chair on this list).

And it’s true. The Giantex is quite similar to our #1 pick, it folds in the same way (14 different settings), has the same structure and offers a similar gaming experience and it even is stored in the same horizontal position, preferably tucked under the bad.

Despite the name ‘Giantex’ might suggest it’s humongous, rest assured, it is not. This folding chair is as standard-sized as they come:

purple giantex foldable gaming chair you can use on a floor or carpet
Giantex foldable chair (in purple) is a universal use memory foam chair you can use for gaming.

Of course, there has to be a reason why the Giantex is at #3 and not at #1. There are two differences between both of the folding chairs. The first one speaks in favor of the Giantex but the second one gives the Birdrock Home chair an advantage:

  1. Giantex chair is cheaper than the #1 pick. The difference in price is about $20.
  2. The fabric of the Giantex chair is not as plush as with the #1 foldable gaming chair. Giantex is covered with flannel fabric while the Birdrock Home is covered with plush fabric.

Nonetheless, if you’re not extraordinary picky about the super-duper ultimate fabric, you might opt for the less expensive and equally comfortable and easy to store Giantex chair:

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4. NNEWVANTE Unique Foldable Chair For Universal Use (Minimalistic Design)

One of the lightest (5.5 pounds) and minimalistic-designed folding gaming chair is the NNEWVANTE chair. It a uniquely designed chair that goes beyond gaming. You can use it for:

  • Console gaming (Xbox, PlayStation).
  • Reading.
  • Watching TV and movies.
  • Chilling in general.

The blue backrest is sturdy and it can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees. The NNEWVANTE chair has 5 folding settings; the best folding setting for gaming is when you set the backrest at 90 degrees.

The cool thing is that you can custom adjust the backrest; if, for example, you feel that you’ll get a backache or even feel some cervical pain at 90-degree angle, you can just set the chair to 120-degree and see how it feels:

blue NNEWVANTE floor chair for gaming that can fold into itself

The round shape of the backrest is very natural and has a comfortable feel. What is more, if you look at the conjunction of the floor part and the backrest, you can see a whole.

The whole in the NNEWVANTE chair helps the airflow toward your lower back. It also facilitates heat dissipation; especially when you’re gaming for hours on end, you’ll see the benefits of having an opening in a foldable gaming chair.

With the total weight of 5.5 lbs, this is the most convenient chair on the list. You can store it with easy and it’s so light that you will have no problems taking it out of the closet and putting it back after your gaming session:

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5. Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II With Armrests

The X Rocker model 5143601 II is the closest version of a foldable gaming chair to a standard gaming chair. It is floor chair with speakers that comes, unlike many other folding chairs, with included armrests.

Console gaming chairs are usually without armrests; however, when you’re gaming for several hours, your arms (especially the biceps muscles) being to hurt and your performance might drop. The armrests support your controller-holding arms and give you much needed to relieve.

The standard thing about most of the X Rockers chairs, including the 5143601 II model, is the inclusion of 2 speakers and a subwoofer. The installed V Rocker interactive audio allows you to hear the footsteps behind you and give you an advantage when playing FPS games:

folding Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II chair
Just chilling is the X Rocker chair with speakers that can fold along its axis.

When folding the gaming chair, the armrests can be neatly tucked and brings the dimensions of the chair completely folded down to 27.8” (width) x 18.5” (length) x 17.5” (height).

Bear in mind that the Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II is one of the heavier folding gaming chairs with a total weight of 40 pounds. That’s considerably heavier than the simpler chair and it is much harder to carry it around.

If you want to slide it under the bed when you’re not gaming, you won’t have difficulties there. However, if you want to put it on top of a closet, you’ll need to sweat a bit because lifting 40 pounds over your head is not an easy challenge.

Nonetheless, the X Rocker 5143601 II is one of the best equipped foldable gaming chairs you can buy:

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6. XP-1 Cohesion Minimalistic Foldable Gaming Chair (Perfectly Balanced… As All Things Should Be)

The XP-1 Cohesion chair strikes a perfect balance between a simple 10-pound memory foam foldable chair and the bigger and advanced 40-pound X Rocker chair (those that has an ability to be folded).

For one, it weighs a total of 20.9 pounds and has all the comfy qualities of a floor gaming chair with some advanced features like breathable mesh trim of the more advanced folding chairs.

When designing the XP-1 Cohesion chair, all the unnecessary parts that might bother you when gaming are stripped away and you’re left with a simple folding gaming chair that you can store, bring out of the closet and put it back with ease:

xp 1 cohesion simple gaming chair you can put in your closet and save space
XP-1 Cohesion is a minimalist in style and a comfy folding chair.

If you look at some of the XP-1 Cohesion chair review, you’ll notice that gamers like it because it can be so simply and neatly folded along it’s main axis.

The dimensions of the fully folded XP-1 gaming chair are 16.2” (width) x 28” (length) x 25.6” (height). It’s cannot be as tightly packed together as some smaller chairs but the unique minimalistic design does a lot of space-optimizing.

It’s also one of the cheaper folding gaming chairs. A standard price of the XP-1 Cohesion chair for gaming is below $70, you can check the current price below:

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7. Harper & Bright Designs Premium Floor Gaming Chair That Can Be Folded

The Harper & Bright aren’t really a gaming chair brand. They’re more into, you know, ordinary chair. That has its advantages; mainly they are really into comfortability and ergonomics but do lack a bit of performance-driven mentality that most of the gaming chairs brands are all about.

Nonetheless, when it comes to folding gaming chairs, they’ve reached a beautiful chair with pedestal, armrests that are as comfortable as a padded armchair. The backrest, you’ll notice, give you 7 different position that are useful when you are gaming, watching TV or even reading.

This is what happens when a foldable gaming chair meets an armchair:

Floor Gaming Chair Adjustable 7-Position Swivel Chair Folding Sofa Lounger
Looks like an armrest but it’s actually a quite groovy folding gaming chair.

The whole ‘I’m-gonna-wrap-you-up’ mentality behind the Harper & Bright chairs really gives you the comfort you would only expect from a well-padded armrest.

The frame of the chair is sturdier and the rich linen fabric cover is unmatched. The built design and materials used to boost the chair into the premium class; however, the price of this folding armchair for gaming is much higher as the result:

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8. X Rocker Surge Foldable Gaming Chair (With Bluetooth)

The ‘Surge’ is one of the most popular X Rocker chairs. Despite being quite big, it can twist along its main axis and fold for convenient storage.

However, despite being foldable, the dimensions of the fully folded X Rocker Surge chair are still quite large; dimensions are 36.8” (width) x 32.3” (length) x 20.9” (height). It weighs a total of 36.2 pounds. This is not exactly a chair you can just store under your bed.

The X Rocker Surge has a lot, and I do mean a lot, to offer. I mean, you get the two speakers and a subwoofer for an immersion audio experience.

The whole stereo system is connected together via AFM technology. You can even hook up a Bluetooth connection between the Surge and smartphone:

x rocker the surge foldable gaming chair
The ‘Surge’ chair by X Rocker has plenty to offer (including a Bluetooth connection).

If you’re really into gaming chairs with speakers, you can go through our list of best wireless gaming chairs with speakers and pick the one that best fits your audio preferences.

One setback of the Surge chair is that this is not some cheap folding chair for under 100 bucks. With the included speakers, thick padding and the ability to connect to Bluetooth, the price tag is higher but you get a formidable folding chair with speakers:

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How Do You Fold Your Gaming Chair?

If you own a gaming chair that can be folded into a smaller package, do share your experience and help us grow the list. I know some guys love their X Rockers mainly because of the stereo equipment and that every mom and dad find a simple memory foam chair for their kids convenient.

Before buying a folding chair because you want to save some space, do measure how much space you actually have. All the fully folded chair dimensions are there, just beware you don’t buy the bigger Surge chair and later find out you don’t really have enough space to store it properly.

Game on!

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