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The footrest on a gaming chair is not just an additional luxury. Having your legs lifted up feels relaxing. It also takes less energy for the heart to pump blood down to the legs and back up. Circulation can be exhausting too.

Translation: Gaming chairs with footrest can help you preserve energy, especially needed for long-hour gaming. 

They’re also a great accessory if you need to take a short nap. Mostly just to regain your focus or wait while a new game is loading too d*mn long.

Before going into the list of the best 13 leg-supporting gaming chairs, here is how an average gaming chair with footrest roughly looks like:

  • Has more comfy seating than standard chairs (thicker padding).
  • The footrests themselves are more or less the same (retractable and tucked under the seat).
  • All of them offer some degree of reclining, usually from 90 degrees to 150 or even 180 degrees (sleep mode).
  • Average maximum capacity is 300 lbs.
  • Average price of a gaming chair with footrest is about $200.

Here is how the #1 gaming chair with extended footrest looks like:

extended footrest of a gaming chair
Extended footrest adds to how comfortable a gaming chair is. Gaming chairs with footrest have to be sturdy in order to provide stability even when you’re using the footrest.

Really tracking down the best gaming chair with footrest depends on the add-ons and specifics particular chair has. For example:

  1. Many of you have been asking for a gaming chair with footrest AND speakers. We finally found one – the GTRACING Music chair (#2 pick) – that has 2 speakers in the back.
  2. There are chairs for big guys and chairs for small guys. Check your height before you pick a chair.
  3. Footrest and massage go hand-in-hand. Some gaming chairs offer both a footrest and a massage add-on.

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List Of 13 Best Gaming Chairs With Footrest

Target:Chair Name:Add-ons:Rating:
#1 AutoFull Mechanical Master chair (The Most Formidable Chair With Footrest)+ 350 lbs capacity
+ PRO gaming chair
+ C-fiber materials
+ Mechanical arm
+ Multidimensional customization
5 out of 5 stars
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gaming chair with footrest and speakers#2 Music GTRACING GT890MF Gaming Chair with Footrest AND Speakers+ Only footrest chair with speakers
+ Blue-tooth enabled (wirelessly connect music)
4.7 out of 5 stars
#3 NOKAXUS YK-6008 (Most Comfortable Gaming Chair With Footrest)+ 30% thicker seat
+ 14-inch wide footrest
+ For big guys
+ Ultimate comfort
+ Several different colors available
4.7 out of 5 stars
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blue whale gaming chair with footrest#4 Blue Whale Large Gaming Chair with Footrest+ Large with 51.8'' height
+ 350 lbs capacity
4.5 out of 5 stars
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gtracing GT901 black gaming chair with footrest#5 GTRACING GT901 Gaming Chair+ Pro chair with footrest
+ Synchro-Tilt
4.4 out of 5 stars
HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest#6 HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest+ Back massage setup4.4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
RESPAWN-110 gaming chair#7 RESPAWN-110 Gaming Chair with Footrest+ Thicker than usual footrest4.3 out of 5 stars
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killabee gaming chair with footrest for short guys#8 Killabee Small Gaming Chair with Footrest for Short Guys+ 250 lbs capacity appropriate for short guys4.3 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
Furmax Gaming Chair with additional footrest#9 Furmax Gaming Chair with Additional Footrest+ Nice and extensive blue shade color4.1 out of 5 stars
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black footrest for a gaming chair#10 Ficmax Gaming Massage Chair with Footrest+ Massage lumbar support4 out of 5 stars
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homall gaming chair with leg rest#11 Homall Bucket Seat Chair with Footrest+ Inches 180 degree sleeping mode position4 out of 5 stars
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killabee gaming chair with footrest for big guys#12 Killabee Super Large Gaming Chair With Footrest for Big Guys+ Incredible 400 lbs capacity3.9 out of 5 stars
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Elecwish gaming chair with retreactable leg rest#13 Elecwish Gaming Chair with Retreactable Leg Rest+ Thicker and Wider Seat3.9 out of 5 stars
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1. AutoFull Mechanical Master (Most Formidable PRO Chair With Footrest)

The AutoFull Mechanical Master chair is just impressive. It has a great presence in space, it is a PRO gaming chair, and it has a very stable footrest. It is covered by premium hydrolysis resistant PU+C fiber leather. Just that gives is that extra shine that can complete a sick gaming rig.

Apart from the footrest, the AutoFull Mechanical Master chair is ergonomically designed. You can see the big lumbar support, a thick seat sided from left and right by supporters. That stabilizes your body in the chair. The mechanical arm enables you to perfect your aim; useful for quick scooping. Everything is designed to increase your response time; if you can react in 100 milliseconds instead of in 150 milliseconds, you have a big edge, especially in FPS games.

Just by looking at it, you can see this is a superior chair with footrest:

The footrest is just one of many features that makes the AutoFull Mechanical Master series chair the ultimate chair for gamers.

AutoFull chair is clearly built for comfort and gaming efficiency. The seat and the footrest are made out of high-density sponge that is both thick and shock-absorbing.

The addition of steel in the backbone of the chair as well as in the footrest extension make the AutoFull Master chair fit for both a normal and a larger person. Its maximum capacity is above average 350 lbs.

You can buy it directly from AutoFull. Make sure you use our $40 off codeGCHunter‘ to get the best deal:

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2. Music GTRACING GT890MF Gaming Chair with Footrest AND Speakers

There is a good reason why GTRACING GT890MF is one of the best gaming chair with footrest. Basically, tracking down a gaming chair that has both a footrest and speakers is a hell of a task. You’ll easily find a chair with footrest as well as a chair with speakers, but there is only one and only gaming chair with footrest and speakers and it’s GTRACING GT890MF.

The GTRACING really have outdone themselves by combining relaxing feature such as footrest with an ability to create a relaxing ambiance: the music.

If you look at the GT890MF, it’s pretty like most of the other gaming chairs with footrest. Nothing extravagant here. The whole addition of speakers makes this chair one of a kind – and the speakers are amazing:

gaming chair with footrest and speakers review
GTRACING GT890MF is the only gaming chair with footrest AND speakers.

Bluetooth feature is especially useful and the 5-6h battery is quite sufficient for a gaming session. That is, of course, if you’re not playing some really long strategy game.

The GTRACING footrest chair is a capable chair in it’s only right as well. The offers the 170-degree recline is of standard size with a 300 lbs weight capacity and its thick padding is covered by the smooth PU leather upholstery.

Most of the reviewers are usually just amazed that they have finally found a gaming chair with leg rest that includes speakers and the 5-star reviews are mostly the result of the huge enthusiasm about the speaker-footrest set.

If you’re into relaxing and some nice music, you can get it here:


3. NOKAXUS YK-6008 With +30% Thicker Seat (Most Comfortable Gaming Chair With Footrest)

The main thing NOKAXUS gaming chair is known for is the thick seat. The 5-inch thickness of that seat is just outstanding; it’s probably the most comfortable seat you can find. What is more, underneath that seat you can see the footrest. You can easily retract it and put your legs ups.

The combination of a +30% thicker gaming chair seat and a comfy footrest really makes the NOKAXUS the most comfortable footrest-added gaming chair.

As you can see in the photo below, the width of the NOKAXUS seat is 16 inches. The footrest is a bit narrower, about 14 inches:

how wide is the nokaxus gaming chair's footrest
NOKAXUS has a +30% thicker seat. If you combine that with the footrest you can see underneath the seat, you’ll be surprised how comfy gaming can be.

The broad lumbar support is quite a specific add-on you rarely see on a gaming chair (most of the lumbar supports are narrow and not broad enough).

NOKAXUS has a sturdy steel frame and it’s quite a big chair. That’s why it’s meant for big guys between 5’9” and 6’8” that can weigh over 200 lbs.

All in all, the NOKAXUS is the best choice if you want a chair with a footrest that is crazy comfortable. Be sure to use our $20 OFF CODEshunter‘ to get the best deal:

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4. Blue Whale Large Gaming Chair with Footrest Review

If you look at the average rating, you’ll find that the Blue Whale footrest chair is the best rated of the bunch (with exception of the formidable AutoFull Master chair (#1 pick), of course).

Blue Whale is one of the largest animals on the planet; it comes to no surprise that the Blue Whale gaming chair with footrest for big guys is one of the biggest chairs around. Not only it’s well over 4 feet high, but it’s also very broad with the incredible 24” backrest width (just look at those wings on the left and right):

big blue whale gaming chair with footrest for big guys
Blue Whale is a big and wide chair with plenty of room on the footrest.

It has a 350 lbs maximum capacity; that’s 50 lbs more than a standard chair.

The footrest of the Blue Whale gaming chair is retractable. Compared to an average footrest, it is a bit thicker and wider, which does help to make the relaxing part of the chair even more, well, relaxing.

For complete comfort, the Blue Whale can recline down to a 155-degree angle which is more than enough for a comfortable sleep.

Being a hassle-free, comfortable and easy to assemble chair makes the Blue Whale so popular with tall gamers (check it out if you’re above 6 feet):

Check on Amazon

5. GTRACING GT901 PRO Gaming Chair

While most of the gaming chairs with footrest are made for a bit of relaxing between gaming, the GTRACING GT901 is not about that at all.

This is the only pro chair on our list. Pro chairs are all about one thing: performance. That translates into this like K/D ratio or Win/Loss ratio.

Every inch of the GTRACING GT901 was designed with peak performance in mind as you can clearly see below. Everything else, including the relaxing footrest, is of secondary importance here:

GTRACING GT901 pro gaming chair with footrest
GTRACING GT901 is a pro chair with included footrest.

It does have a footrest, of course. However, the footrest is tucked under the seat while gaming (except when you’re playing long strategy games like Civilization) because it would impede fast action shooting games like Call of Duty.

When, however, you’re not in an intensive game, you can just grab the footrest, stretch it out and enjoy a bit of relaxing in between gaming.

For a pro gaming chair focused on increasing Kill/Death ratio the GTRACING GT901 is extremely modestly priced:


6. HEALGEN Gaming Chair With Footrest And Massage

The HEALGEN chair is pretty serious when it comes to creating a relaxing experience. You’ll notice it has a retractable footrest under the seat, the 350 lbs maximum capacity and reclining capability up to 155-degree angle. Most of the chairs with footrest can offer such features, however.

What makes HEALGEN special is the back massage part. This is not some little add-on of a massage feature; the HEALGEN is one of the few gaming chairs with footrest and massage, and the massage it offers is quite unmatched. Here’s how the setup for the massage looks like:

gaming chair with footrest and massage
HEALGEN is the best massage chair that comes with a footrest as well.

Admittingly, the process of connecting the massage part and getting it up to speed is not a piece of cake. However, the reward of having a back massage while playing video games and having your legs lifted up a bit is exuberating.

The added feature is a bit specific for gaming chairs with footrest and therefore HEALGEN commands an about $20 or $30 higher price point than an average chair:

Check on Amazon

7. RESPAWN-110 Chair With Thick Supporting Elements

There are several things that make the RESPAWN-110 one of the most comfortable chairs on the list; none is more obvious that the thickest supporting padding elements.

If you look at the head support and lumbar support it’s big; honestly, I’m fearful that it might just be too big. The armrests are also covered in padding as well as the footrest of the chair:

RESPAWN-110 review
RESPAWN-110 has just the thickest supporting elements.

There are some weaknesses as well. For one, the maximum capacity is 275 lbs; that’s the lowest number on the whole list. Given the heavier padding the chair has and low weight capacity, I have some doubts how about its base strength. There is no steel in the chair, apparently.

The price of the RESPAWN-110 is another good point of this chair; it’s unlikely to get a gaming chair with footrest below $150 but if you’re looking for a cheaper version of a chair, here is the RESPAWN-110 for you:

Check on Amazon

8. KILLABEE Chair With Leg Rest For Short Guys

Small and sweet with a commanding presence and comfortable cushioning. The KILLABEE 250 lbs maximum capacity chair is a perfect little energy blast of a gaming chair with footrest.

It is a more compact gaming chair than other ones, making it more suitable for short and slim guys. The thick soft seat cushion is used on the footrest as well. That extra inch of cushioning makes for a relaxing leg rest while gaming:

small gaming chair with footrest for slim guys
KILLABEE small 250 lbs capacity chair with footrest is perfect for short and slim gamers.

KILLABEE chair becomes really useful when you don’t want to just take a nap; you can literally sleep in a gaming chair. It has a footrest (where your legs should go) and the full 175-degree recline that will support your upper torso and upper body.

People are overexcited about it exactly because it is so compact.

You can get your 250 lbs KILLABEE here:

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9. Furmax Gaming Chair (Not My Personal Favorite, Sorry)

The Furmax chair, especially the addition with footrest, has a bit of a following in the gaming community. Sadly, I just don’t see it.

Most people like how versatile and wholesome it is. And it really is, it has everything a basic chair with a nice footrest should have. But I just can’t get over the design and the choice of that flashy blue color they chose for it:

furmax blue gaming chair with footrest
Furmax chair has (hm…) a most peculiar choice of a flashy blue color that some people like.

I can’t seem to go over that blue serene color featured both along with the gaming chair as well as on the leg rest. Of course, some people might love the flashy outlandish blue color because it is something special and there are gaming rigs that use this color as well.

One redeeming quality of Furmax is that it is one of the cheapest gaming chairs with footrest. You will spend less than $150 for it and you basically get everything a decent gaming chair should offer + footrest. It’s a bargain.

Check on Amazon

10. Ficmax Gaming Massage Chair with Footrest

If you went through all of the reviews of gaming chairs with footrests, you’ll remember that I pretty much hate the Furmax chair (#7). I just mention this because the ‘Ficmax’ and ‘Furmax’ should quite similar.

Fortunately for Ficmax, they are basically complete opposites. Furmax is a weirdish blue-colored basic chair with little to offer. With Ficmax I don’t even know where to start. The best points of the Ficmax gaming chair with footrest and massage are noted below:

ficmax gaming chair with massage and footrest
Ficmax offers a ridiculous amount of useful features; most notably the lumbar massage support.

You can easily make the Ficmax chair fit your body like a glove. The everything-is-adjustable principle includes the armrests, lumbar support, headrest pillow as well as gaming chair height. It takes some minutes to figure out your perfect setup; when you have it, lock it down and start gaming.

The part of the spine that handles the most weight while sitting is the lower back. That’s why if you make a gaming chair with footrest and massage part, it makes an incredible amount of sense to massage the lower back, right?

This is also the first below $200 chair I’ve seen that has a level 4 gas cylinder for lifting up the seat. Almost every chair in the world has a level 3 cylinder. It’s not that it makes that much; it’s just that I love the level 4 gas cylinder because it elevates the chair into a new level:

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11. Homall Chair For Gaming (Very Popular)

Homall is one of the most popular gaming chairs, even earning the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ title. The reasons why it’s so popular have been laid out in the review of Homall gaming chair; fortunately, there is a model of Homall gaming chair with attached footrest as well.

When designing the footrest version, Homall also included the 180-degree reclining function. Together with the inclusion of quite a thick leg rest cushion, the Homall is one of the best chairs for gaming you can sleep in.

homall chair for sleeping in
Homall chair with footrest and 180-degree recline is one of the best chairs to sleep in.

Additionally, it has an above average 330 lbs maximum capacity. That’s just a testimony of how much more stable a chair it is. When you want to sleep comfortably, it helps that a chair can support a little more weight than a standard chair – you don’t really want to fall off the chair. Stability is key.

The price of Homall has always been a bit lower than the competition. The original version costs less than $100 and the price hike due to the addition of the footrest is not that severe. In the realm of footrest supported gaming chairs, it has a very affordable price for a standard and well-built chair:

Check on Amazon

12. KILLABEE Gaming Chair With Footrest For Big Guys

The biggest chair on the list is definitely the KILLABEE 400 lbs chair. It’s so big and tall that I usually joke about that even Thanos could sit comfortable in it (you can read more about the KILLABEE Thanos-approved chair here).

If you a big guy (well, big means tall and/or obese), you really need a chair that:

  1. Supports your weight. KILLABEE has an incredible 400 lbs maximum capacity.
  2. That’s tall enough you don’t have to squeeze yourself into it. You’re looking at any chair above 50” overall height – KILLABEE chair is 53.5” tall.
  3. Extra cushioning that gives additional support to your spine. Especially lower back takes on a lot of weight if you’re a big guy and this gigantic chair does have extra lower back and lumbar support included, as you can see from the photo:
gaming chair with footrest for big guys
KILLABEE 400 lbs chair is the giant of gaming chairs with footrests. Only the big guys can tame its enormity!

The whole structure of the chair is reinforced to keep up with the weight. You can see the heavy-duty metal base and an integrated metal frame. The footrest itself is reinforced with steel as well; of course, the big guys have longer and heavier legs.

The KILLABEE is the first choice of a gaming chair for tall (over 6 foot) and obese people (over 250 lbs) who like to put their legs in the air while gaming:

Check on Amazon

13. Elecwish Chair With Comfortable Footrest

If you enjoy a bit of extra padding just about everywhere, you should look into the Elecwish chair with leg rest. Just one look at the footrest as you’ll see the additional padding.

As far as the comfortability of the footrest goes, if you compare it with the other chair with footrest of the list, you’ll quickly notice that Elecwish has a thicker and wider leg rest:

extra padded footrest on a elecwish chair
Elecwish has the thickest and most comfortable footrest.

The seat itself is also wider and thicker compared with the other chair. The Elecwish is also a bigger chair with 330 lbs maximum capacity and it has some other extra features like:

  • Non-slip smooth-rolling casters are the top of the line.
  • 170-degree reclining function for sleeping.
  • Additional supportive headrest.

One of the most comfortable gaming chairs with footrest is available on Amazon:

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About The Whole Stand-Alone Footrest Thing

There are quite some benefits of having a footrest while sitting. I don’t want to go through all of them, here is quite a bit of footrest benefits post with top 5 reasons, I’ll just give you just 2:

  1. They are comfy. You can put your legs up while gaming or even when you’re not gaming, it’s nice.
  2. Footrests encourage active sitting. Well, I guess it can be good for your back and posture.

As we’ve seen there are many chairs with a footrest attached. You can also check out some stand-alone footrests. Here is the so-called ‘Mind Reader’ footrest in black (disclaimer: It does not actually read your mind, only Professor Xavier has that power, and maybe Dark Phoenix):

Ergonomic Foot Rest
One of the best-selling stand-alone footrests. Should be quite decent.

This is great news if you don’t like any of the chairs with foldable footrest; you can just get a stand-alone footrest and use it with pretty much any other chair, be it gaming, office or just a normal old lame computer chair.

Final Thoughts On Having Your Legs Lifted While Gaming

If you’re into leg-in-the-air gaming, you’ll find a variety of gaming chairs that have a foldable footrest under the seat. As always, there are some chairs for tall gamers, short gamers and everybody in between.

Personally, when playing strategy games like Civilization having your legs up feel quite nice. The game you’re playing has to be more interesting than how comfy it feels to sit in a gaming chair. You can pretty much fall asleep in any of them if you would be playing Kitty Island Adventure.

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