Homall B01MRZ02TL Review: Most Popular Gaming Chair Under $150

Of all the gaming chairs we’ve reviewed, Homall B01MRZ02TL gaming chair takes that special place of, well, being by far the most popular chair.

There really has to be some reason why Homall chair has more than 3000 reviews on Amazon.

70% of them are positive. That’s not such a high number; the turn side is that, of course, 30% of reviews are negative.

Nonetheless, thousands of these racing style gaming chairs are sold every year. It is quite a brilliant gaming chair for less than $150.

It is a pretty good starter gaming chair but, honestly, it’s just the first taste of what gaming chairs can be.

And they can be so much more!

That’s why we went into full review mode to check the chair features, pros and cons, and see how it measures up to other gaming chairs in ‘about $150’ category.

Quick summary: Homall is the best value budget gaming chair. If you want any other chair that has dual back support, high-density foam, Class-3 gas lift for height adjustment and a sturdy steel frame, you are looking at a price tag of $200+. 

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Review Of Homall Racing Style Gaming Chair

Let’s first be clear about what kind of gaming chair Homall actually is.

Primarily, it is a very universal PC gaming chair. It does give a ‘racing spirit’ attached to it but what really makes it so popular is its universality application.

This makes it a perfect chair for gamers who don’t only enjoy one kind of game; such as racing gamer, FPS or strategy.

The high-density shaping foam, for example, makes it comfortable enough to be a racing chair and with the double high back and lumbar support it can secure your spine over a long period of time playing strategy games.

In short, a very good chair is you play both Counter-Strike (where you need a shooting edge) and Civilization (where comfortability of the gaming chair ensures you don’t get tired of sitting after only a few hours or after 100 turns).

What makes Homall B01MRZ02TL chair so special?

Well, nothing in particular – and exactly that’s the beauty of this gaming chair. Homall chair has strong features on every side; something you would expect of a chair in the mid-range level (about $300 price range).

Let’s check some of them out.

The Materials Homall Chair Is Made Out Of

The easiest way to tell a difference between a cheaply made gaming chair and an expensive one is just to look at one number:

The weight of a gaming chair.

A low-quality gaming chair weighs 30 pounds or less. A high-quality chair will almost always be heavier – usually above 40 pounds. The simple fact is that quality materials such as a sturdy steel frame and heavy leather as just, well, heavier.

Homall chair weight is 42.1 pounds. That’s quite a lot for a gaming chair that costs only $150.

What makes it so beautifully heavy?

Thick High-Density Foam With PU Leather

Every chair will be covered by some kind of foam to make it more comfortable. Homall chair is covered with high-density foam that is both thick and comfortable. Additionally, the foam has some shaping properties, something you only find at mid and, of course, a high price range.

On top of the high-quality foam is PU leather. Not as high-quality as real leather but also not as pricy (you can read what’s the difference between PU and real leather here). The combination of high-density foam and PU leather makes the Homall B01MRZ02TL chair quite a comfortable one for long hours of gaming.

It has quite an effect on the usual wear and tears over the years. A PU leather chair with a soft and non-elastic foam will have problems with durability. The soft PU leather can tear quite easily because it moves left and right a lot.

The elasticity resilient foam, however, prolongs the lifetime of the chair and allows you to be a little rougher with it without risk of tearing the leather.

Another very insightful review of Homall gaming chair at UltimateGameChair points out that the premium PU leather is one of the best positive things about this chair.

1.8 mm Steel Frame

The core of every chair is the frame. Be sure to avoid cheap chairs with hard plastic frames; those might look great at first but are very fragile compared to the upgraded steel frames.

Homall B01MRZ02TL gaming chair features a 1.8 mm thick steel frame. That leads not only to higher durability but also makes the Homall chair stable and sturdy.

The steel case is quite reassuring if you’re wondering ‘If I’m 280 pounds, will the Homall carry my weight?’.

anatomy of homall chair with steel frame
The anatomy of Homall gaming chair. Notice the 1.8 mm steel frame? That makes the chair both sturdy and durable.

Can you also notice the 3.15-inch shaping sponge on the seat? That’s one of the thickest seat sponge you can find on a gaming chair. It serves 2 very specific functions:

  • Makes Homall seat more comfortable.
  • If you’re a gamer that likes to move around a bit, this shaping sponge will prevent you from collapsing from the chair (you’ll have more wiggle space). Of course, only very intense gamers ever fall off a chair while gaming.
  • Your bottom will be thankful, believe me.
What Is The Weight Capacity?

300 pounds. Whenever I see the 300 pounds with a hard plastics core, I roll my eyes. 300 pounds is quite a lot of weight and any big guy who wants to mount a hard plastics frame will usually damage the chair in some way.

However, Homall chair’s steel frame is built to withstand 300-pound maximum capacity and that is not an exaggerated number. With a hard plastics frames, 300 pounds should be considered something in the range up to 250 pounds.

With a steel frame, 300 pounds is 300 pounds.

Dual Support – High Back Support And Lumbar Support

dual lumbar and high back support of homall racing style gaming chair
The dual back support of Homall gaming chair. We see a high back and lumbar support cushions that make the chair more ergonomic.

Ordinarily, budget chairs like Homall chair will offer little

The secret is in the high-density foam material that is used all over the seat, and it’s not a big stretch for Homall producer to include the thick lumbar and high back support while using that foam material.

If you are a true gamer and spend quite a lot of time gaming (more than 10 hours a week), it makes quite a lot of sense to find a gaming chair like Homall with adequate back support.

I know you might not think about the bad spine now but after a few years all the unnecessarily bad sitting positions might catch up to you. If you can avoid it, you should avoid it and Homall B01MRZ02TL chair makes it pretty easy.

Just set up both support cushions, make yourself comfy and start gaming.

The Rubber Wheels Fitting For A Racing Chair

Almost all $150 chairs have wheels made out of hard plastics. The positive note of Homall chair are the rubber wheels that enable you to move around without waking up your roommates.

Don’t you have when the casters make that screeching sound and scrape the floor while moving it?

In addition to moving around as quiet as a panther, these wheels were supposedly tested to endure a 1000 miles of rolling.

That’s a pretty cool factor. I’m just wondering how the Homall producers tested this: by rolling it a billion times left and right or just by putting a Homall gaming chair on a treadmill.

The results, however, speak for themselves. Nobody really complains about damaged or loud wheels when using a Homall chair.

Bonus: The wheels are multi-direction. If ever used a chair with static wheels, you probably know the pain (and difficulty of rolling around). Homall wheel turn in the direction you want to roll.

Basically, Homall chair roles like you roll.

Class-3 Gas Lift For Versatile Chair Seat Height

That Class-3 gas lift is quite a mouthful.

Simplified version: Homall chair is really good at moving the seat up and down. 

The gas lift is kind of like hydraulics – but with gas! This how you avoid having some greasy oils down in the Homall chair gears.

The gas lift for ergonomic office chairs was invented in 1972. Basically, you have several classes, ranging from Class-1 to Class-4. Ideally what you’re looking for is Class-3 or Class-4. Most of the gaming chairs (the good ones) use Class-3 that is ideal for lifting a weight up to about 330 pounds. You can read all about gas lift classes for chairs here.

The Class-3 gas lift that powers the adjusted seat height of Homall chair is verified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection and testing company.

What is the seat height of Homall gaming chair?

18.3 inches to 21.5 inches. This is quite a standard range of seat height motion; the advantage of Homall is that it has that smooth Class-3 gas lift. They even make a smaller version of a gaming chair for kids.

This feature is especially useful if more than one person is using the chair and you have to adjust the seat all the time.

Something like a gamer and his girlfriend would share the same chair; the main problem here is that we gamers sometimes enjoy a severe lack of a girlfriend.

Dimensions of Homall Chair (Standard Size)

There is nothing groundbreaking about how big the Homall chair is. It comes in pretty standard dimensions for a gaming chair:

  • Seat size: 19.8 inches (length) x 20.5 inches (depth). Basically, a standard ass-sized chair.
  • Size of the backrest: 22.5 inches (length) x 30.5 inches (width). Unless you’re a bodybuilder with an unusually (almost unnaturally) wide back, this will be just fine.
  • Adjustable seat range: 3.2 inches. From 18.3 inches to 21.5 inches.


dimensions of homall chair for gaming
Dimensions of Homall chair. Pretty standard ass-sized chair.

Of course, the chair also has 360-degree swivel, like any other decent chair.

What Would A Gaming Chair Be Without A Rocking Function?

Pretty much every chair out there that has a rocking function prides itself on it’s rocking function.

Personally, I prefer my gaming chair to be quite static (makes for better aiming and headshots).

Nonetheless, if you like to rock a bit in your gaming chairs, the Homall has not 1 but 2 rocking modes. Both of them are controlled by the knob under the seat with an important sounding name ‘Rocking function controller’:

rocking function of homall chair

As you can see from the photo above, the two rocking modes are:

  1. Tough rocking. This is where Homall chair back more for about 10 degrees back and forth. This is my preferred rocking style if I would have to choose between the two.
  2. Smooth rocking. Basically the same thing, only here you can go back and forth for 20 degrees.

You can easily switch between the Homall chair rocking modes by using the knob. The easiness of how Homall chair can rock was also a part of the reason why this chair scored a place in the top 10 gaming chairs at the 10BestRanked website.

The Homall gaming chair also includes the recline function. You can move the back seat from the most upright position (180 degrees) to a horizontal position (90 degrees).

Gaming at a 90-degree recline is almost impossible – this is only meant for watching movies, Netflix, or even sleeping.

Price Of Homall Gaming Chair

Homall chair has a solid build and a ton of extra features. This should propel its price above $200 easily. If you look around, it’s really hard to find a chair with high-density foam, steel frame, dual high back and lumbar support in the low-end price range.

How much does Homall Gaming Chair cost?

About $150 if you buy it on Amazon.

That’s pretty much the best value deal of any low-price range gaming chair. I believe that it’s precisely the best value for a budget chair that makes the Homall gaming chair the most popular one.

In short, if you have a budget of $150 and are looking to find the best overall gaming chair, the Homall is the ideal choice. The next chair that has the high-density foam and similar features is Merax gaming chair that can cost $150+.

Summary Of Homall Chair Pros And Cons

Overall, the appeal of Homall gaming chair is quite justified. This is not the best gaming chair in the world, but it is the best $150 gaming chair and can compete with its features and build materials with gaming chairs way above its price range.

In Homall gaming chair review we covered all the high-density foam, swivel, rocking and ergonomic features this gaming chair can offer, and we have come to the conclusion what makes Homall chair the most popular gaming chair.

It’s simply best value budget chair that pretty much any kind of gamer can use.


  • Ergonomic High-density Foam

  • Dual Back Support (High Back and Lumbar)

  • 1.8 mm Steel Frame

  • 300 lbs Weight Capacity

  • Best Value Budget Gaming Chair

  • It has a leathery smell at first

  • Armrests are not adjustable

  • Not for people over 300 lbs

Build Materials:4.2 out of 5 stars
Ergonomics:4 out of 5 stars
Comfortability:4 out of 5 stars
Extra Features:3.9 out of 5 stars
Price:5 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating:4.2 out of 5 stars
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