7 Best Kids Gaming Chairs For Boys And Girls (6-14 Year Olds)

So, your kid wants a gaming chair, right? Or you pretty much figure that a kids’ gaming chair might be the perfect gift for a 10-year old boy or girl.

As parents, all we want to see is a smile on our kid’s faces. But when it comes to picking perfect gaming chairs for kids, we often find that it’s somewhat difficult to really get kids-friendly gaming chairs (and not some small adult gaming chairs).

We figured it might a good idea to list the best kids’ gaming chair around and to add a bit of spark to each chair.

For example, the #1 pick is not a gaming chair at all. It’s a bean bag that kids love for playing games on their mobile phones, consoles, tablets, you name it. Bean bags are pretty much the comfiest place kids can play games in.

Gaming Chairs For 6 to 14-Year-Old Kids

Kids Chair:Chair Name:Features:Rating:
orange Medium sized bean bag gaming chair for children by strato us made#1 Kid's Strato Gamer Bean Bag (Comfiest And Kid's Favorite Choice) It's A Bean Bag!
Favorite Choice For Kids
Incredibly Comfy
4.9 out of 5 stars
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 the best gaming chair for boys and girls
#2 SIDIZ Ringo Kids Gaming Chair Advanced Ergonomics
Great For Homeworks Too
Best For Boys And Girls
4.6 out of 5 stars
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small gaming chair for kids by fenix#3 Fenix Mini Gaming Chair Classic Gaming Chair (But Mini Version)
Safest Choice For Presents
Red And Blue Choices
4.6 out of 5 stars
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pink homall gaming chair for girls#4 Homall Kids Gaming Chair Homall Brand (Affordable)
Comfy With Footrest
Beautiful Pink And Blue Choices
4.5 out of 5 stars
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black and yellow batman kids couch#5 Batman Gaming Chair For Boys Superhero Gaming Chair
For 3-10 Year Olds
Costs Less Than $100
4.2 out of 5 stars
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ergonomic sitrite childrens gaming chair for girls in pink#6 SitRite Kids Chair For Gaming Budget Version Of #1 Pick
Ergonomic Kids Sitting
Minimalistic Design
4.2 out of 5 stars
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blue soft kids rocking chair#7 Rocker Chair For Gaming Quite Comfy
Maybe A Bit Clumsy?
3.3 out of 5 stars
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1. Kid’s Strato Gamer Bean Bag (The Ones The Kids Love)

Now, let’s state the obvious fact: Bean bag chairs are comfy and kids love them. Kids can use the bean bag not only for gaming but for reading, watching TV or hosting tea parties.

The best bean bag that is specifically meant for gaming is the Kid’s Strato Gamer. It’s both comfy and economic and easy to just move around the house. The most important thing is that kids love it!

They are made in Atlanta (US). The upholstery used is kids friendly grade spandex. Here’s how to game in comfort:

a boy sitting on a gaming bean bag and playing games on his mobile phone
Some mom said her 9-year old son literally can’t wait to get home to sit on his Kid’s Strato Gamer bean bag.

What I really love about bean bags is how versatile they are. You can put a sturdy gaming chair only in front of a computer. The bean bag can go anywhere – living room, kids room, kitchen, on the balcony.

They are available in 5 different colors at JAXX:

Check on JAXX

2. SIDIZ Ringo Kids Gaming Chair (Beloved By Parents)

The SIDIZ Ringo gaming chair is best for curious and smart kids. It’s a magnificent chair that, get this, parents always love. Why?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Kids usually want a cool gaming chair to play computer games and parents tend to prefer buying gaming chairs that are both healthy and more, let’s say, homework-oriented. The SIDIZ kids chair is the best because it serves well for both kids and parents.

Kids get the awesome Captain America or Iron Man gaming chair (for boys) and Pink or Disney Princess (for girls). Parents, who know better, love that this is an ergonomically-designed gaming chair that can easily double as a home study desk chair. You can just buy 1 chair your kids will adore for gaming but you know they will like it for studying as well.

Basically, with this gaming chair, you can ‘trick’ your kids to sit right. How cool is that?

Sitting on SIDIZ Ringo does add a much-needed excitement when doing boring math homework. And several cool designs for both boys and girls:

adjustable height of gaming chairs for kids for boys and girls
SIDIZ Ringo is the best kids gaming chair. It even comes with a 4-level growing function (it follows your kid’s growth).

The SIDIZ chairs are known for their advanced ergonomic design. Obviously, kids are oblivious to healthy sitting (hey, they’re just kids, right?) and ‘keep your back straight, shoulders back, young man’.

Parents who know how important keeping their spine healthy from the early years on do find great value in ergonomic design. Of course, as with every chair, the most expensive ones are chairs that offer advanced ergonomics, as it’s no different when it comes to kids gaming chairs.

A couple of things to note here are the durability, sturdiness, and comfortability. The SIDIZ Ringo does cost $300+ and when you give that much money for a kid’s gaming chair, you really need to know you’re buying a durable chair that will last for most of the childhood of your kid.

It also comes with the 4-level growing function; a system where you can custom adjust the chair to your kid while he or she is growing (because kids tend to grow fast).

But what is most important is what your boy or girl will think about the chair. Hearing a very active 2nd grader finds it fun and comfortable is the most important thing you want to hear before buying a kid’s gaming chair. You can order it here:

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3. Fenix Mini Gaming Chair (No. 1 Classic Racing Chair For Kids)

Let’s face it. When your kid wants a ‘gaming chair’, he or she is usually thinking about the classic gaming chairs (you can find some of them here in the ultimate chair list). These flashy racing chairs serve as an inspiration for what gaming chair really is and, of course, kids want their kids version of a gaming chair.

It’s incredibly difficult to find a ‘mini version’ of a gaming chair for boys or girls. I have tracked one down – as it’s quite a beauty – called the Fenix mini gaming chair.

The Fenix chair is perfect for kids because it looks and feels exactly like the big boys’ gaming chair but in a mini version. It comes with a premium PU leather, steel frame (durable) and the ‘body-hugging’ 3D spine support (they call it ‘mom-hugging’).

If you don’t know what particular kind of gaming chair your kid wants for Christmas, the Fenix mini gaming chair is by far the safest and most obvious choice:

small xs gaming racing chair for children
Fenix mini chair is a gaming chair in every regard – it’s just a mini version. Added: Mom for scale.

Kids really like to play around with settings. The Fenix mini chair offers a 90-135 degree recline option your son or daughter can play around with. The chair also has a 20-degree rocking function like most of the adult gaming chairs.

Your kid probably won’t think about the importance of sturdy nylon base and smooth-rolling casters. However, every parent finds it quite comfortable when buying a kids gaming chair that is durable and will last for several seasons.

Obviously, you can take those 30 minutes of installation time as a perfect father-son bonding exercise. The Fenix chair (XS gaming chair) comes in two colors – blue and red – and you can get both versions here:

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4. Homall Kids Gaming Chair (Comfy Recliner For Kids With Footrest)

Homall is one of the best-known brands in the world of affordable gaming chairs – you can read a review about their most popular adult Homall gaming chair here. What is more, they went ahead and did want a lot of brands should’ve already done – create a dedicated kids gaming chair.

They’ve created a comfortable recliner that especially children and kids up to 12 years will find fun. The added advantage of a recliner is that your kid can assume pretty much any position; you can even lie down diagonally over the Homall Kids gaming chair if you want to.

Homall used all their knowledge and experience designing a big boy gaming chair to create the XS Homall recliner. They have additionally included the wingback design that makes this chair cooler than other recliners (for kids, cool=awesome). To make an extra comfy kids gaming chair, the Homall Kids has an added footrest:

gaming chair for girls by homall in pink color
The pink version of Homall Kids chair. Both comfortable and fun, designed with ‘safety-first’ in mind.

This is pretty much the only kids gaming chair with a footrest that I know. Kids find it comfortable and fun, which is precisely what every parent wants: a chair your kid will love.

Moreover, the better part of the Homall Kids chair is how well it appeases the parents. Yes, that right, the parents! We are concerned about the safety, easy cleaning and other things kids find super boring.

The Homall Kids chair was built with ‘safety-first’ in mind. The wide wings keep your child safe and all the parts of the sturdy iron frame are covered with a soft cloth:

safety features of kids gaming chair by homall

About that side pocket and teaching kids to read while sitting on a gaming chair: try it! We all know how fickle kids can be when it comes to reading but just maybe a comfy gaming chair will help your kid be more enthusiastic about reading.

The Homall Kids comes in pink color for girls (or if mom wants one, you can check the best pink gaming chairs for moms) and blue color for boys:

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5. The Batman Gaming Couch For Boys (DC Comics Has The A-List Superheros)

Whenever I have the Marvel vs. DC argument with my wife, we always come to the conclusion that, yes, Avengers are awesome (she loves Captain America) but DC Comics does have the A-List superheroes like Batman and Superman. How does that relate to picking a kids gaming chair?

I’m glad you asked. Kids don’t really care about the ergonomic qualities of gaming chairs or how durable they are. All they really want for Christmas is a ‘cool’ kids gaming chair. And if they grew up watching Avengers and Justice League superheroes, they find superheroes pretty cool.

In short, getting your kid a gaming chair with a superhero theme is a shot in the right direction. The Delta Children gaming couch all have a superhero theme. What you really need to figure out is which superhero is your kid’s favorite (I would go for Batman for my son):

comfortable kids gaming chair with ample space for legs and arms
Cool Batman-themed gaming couch for boys. You can also choose Women Woman, Avengers and Justice League themed one.

These chairs are typically best for children ages 3+ and up to 10-year olds. The small Delta Children chair can hold up to 100 pounds and are made out of hardwood frame and covered by faux leather.

There are some kids gaming chair dimensions so you have a rough idea of how small these chairs are: 21.5 x 22 x 25 inches. The Delta Children chair is obviously significantly smaller than an adult gaming chair in order to be as kid-friendly as possible.

The leather is easy to clean and the chair is one of the most affordable kids gaming chairs on the list. As I’ve said, you only need to choose the right superhero:

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6. SitRite Kids Chair For Gaming (The Budget Version Of #1 SIDIZ Ringo)

The #1 kids gaming chair SIDIZ Ringo is pretty much a perfect gaming chair for boys and girls with one important exception. At $300+ it’s the most expensive gaming chair. I wondered; is there a chair with similar ergonomic features, design, and awesomeness that doesn’t cost all that much?

Luckily, there is! I’ve come across the SitRite gaming chairs. They are a chair manufacturer that creates chairs that, you’ve guessed it, help you sit right (spine-health-wise). It turns out they are one of the few manufacturers that makes kids gaming chairs that are quite up to the SIDIZ standard too.

The SitRite Kids chair admittedly does lack the awesome Captain America iconography but it makes it up with the big adjustable height feature. If you lower the chair, it’s perfect for kids who are 4-8 years old. And when they grow older, you can simply lift the seat up and sit a 10-year olds on the chair:

sitrite pink kids chair for gaming and how it moves up and down with adjustable seat height
SitRite is an affordable alternative to expensive #1 kids chair. This chair can also be adjusted to a growing child.

The design of the SiteRite Kids chair is minimalistic and functional. Both of these qualities add to the durability of the chair; not much can go wrong if you have a simple and sturdy kids gaming chair.

Despite not having as advanced an ergonomic setup as the #1 SIDIZ children’s gaming chair, it does cost half as much and is durable enough to last for several years. You have a kids gaming chair in 6 different colors, and if you’re especially looking for a budget-friendly chair, you will see that certain colors are cheaper than others:

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7. Rocker Chair For Gaming (Nice But Clumsy)

Another option for gaming is to choose a rocker chair. Obviously, many adults use comfy and simple rocker chairs for gaming, relaxing, reading and so forth. Why shouldn’t kids use them as well?

Well, there is some merit in kids rocker chairs. They are simple, nice and quite comfy, and they don’t cost as much as gaming chairs.

The one obvious problem is safety. Rocker chairs are useful if you know how to use it; without being to wild, active or curious what will happen if you turn it over. Kids, on the other hand, can be wild, active and unpredictable, and if they manage to turn the rocker chair in the right way, it can turn the whole chair into a slingshot. Which, in translation, means ‘Not good’.

Nonetheless, if you have older kids (10+ years), they are aware of the dangers and can usually handle a rocker chair for gaming. This is a soft floor chair by Factory Direct Partners that is one of the best options for kids:

kid playing console games sitting on a rocking chair
Blue rocking chair can be used for gaming but smaller children can turn it around (a bit of danger there).

The best advice before buying a rocker as a gaming chair for your kid is to ask the kid which one chair does he or she like. Because chances are that rocking chair is not exactly what they had in mind when they said ‘Mom, I want a gaming chair’.

Obviously, this is not an easy thing to do if you’re thinking of presenting a chair as a gift. In short, if you’re not exactly sure your kid want a rocker chair, it would be best to reconsider. It’s definitely not an obvious buy.

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What Is Your Experience With Kids And Their Gaming Chairs?

Does your kid already have a gaming chair and you have some serious experience with it? Share your thoughts in the comments and help the other parents out. Picking the best kids gaming chair is really not that easy and many of us do need all the help we can get.

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