KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair Review: 400 lbs Capacity!

It’s really hard to make a KILLABEE big and tall gaming chair review without looking at the huge chair and thinking:

“Bro, that’s almost like the chair Thanos sat on in that Avengers post-credit scene!”

If you remember the movies correctly, the Mad Titan sat on that chair for like 2 or 3 movies. I guess he must really like that chair.

The KILLABEE gaming chair for tall guys by VON RACER have two of the same qualities:

  1. It’s big! Immense is the word I’m looking here, perfect for heavy set gamers.
  2. It’s crazy comfy. It was very comfortable even before they’ve upgraded it; the 2019 version of KILLABEE has a memory foam padding added on top of the seat cushion. It’s like sitting on a cloud.

At about $250 price tag, KILLABEE is the first (and most budget-friendly) big chair for tall guys. To put things in perspective (and numbers) – most of the gaming chairs are made for gamers that are 5’4” to about 6’2”.

The KILLABEE big chair by VON RACER is specially designed for people over 5’10”. If you’re below that, choosing a more standard-sized chair is advisable.

As we’ll see in this review of KILLABEE gaming chair, it’s commanding sheer size and presents must include some extra features such as:

  • Steel frame and heavy-duty metal gaming chair base. That is essential for a 400 lbs maximum weight capacity KILLABEE chair. The steel and heavy-duty metal are also invaluable when it comes to gaming chair durability.
  •  Smooth-rolling casters. KILLABEE takes moving up to 400 lbs around quite seriously. The wheels are perfected to ensure the overall stability of the gaming chair and endure under bigger pressures.
  • Wider backrest (Thanos would like that, he looks a bit squashed on his space throne). The KILLABEE features a 33.5-inch backrest; that’s full 10 inches wider than the width of the standard gaming seats.
  • 3-D adjustable armrests. They can move up, down, left, right, forward and backward. Just nail down that perfect position for your shooting hand and, BAM, headshots!

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Without further adieu, let’s break the KILLABEE chair down and assess each of its key components in the following review.

Review Of KILLABEE Gaming Chair For Big And Tall Gamers

When we’re tracking down the best gaming chairs it’s really important (and not without problems) to decipher what kind of gamer a particular gaming chair is for.

It’s much easier with the KILLABEE’s most famous 400 lbs chair (KILLABEE designs some other chairs for gaming as well, you can check them all out here). It literally has the ‘For Big And Tall’ in its name, well, almost.

Here are the gamers that, based on the assessment of KILLABEE gaming chair, make a perfect fit for this particular gaming chair:

  • Tall guys (above 5’10”).
  • Big gamers (above 200 pounds). The KILLABEE weight capacity is 400 lbs but if you’re below 200 pounds the chair will be too big for you. Sorry.
  • Guys who like to sit comfortably for hours on end. The ergonomic design with several heavy padding memory foams makes the chair extremely comfy. The comfortability factor is especially useful for playing strategy games such as Civilization or StarCraft. ‘Just one more turn’ won’t be a problem with this chair, at least as far as the comfortability of the seat is concerned.

The perfect candidate for KILLABEE chair: A 6’2” 287 lbs gamer who likes to play Civilization a few hours per day. He or she should prefer a comfy and ergonomic chair, and not have an acute ambition of gathering an Infinity Stone or seven to wipe out half the universe and be like all chill about it later. ‘The hardest choices require the strongest wills #killedsomefolk #savedtheuniverse’

When reviewing the comfortability of KILLABEE gaming chair, we’ll focus on the following 3 features:

  1. Ergonomic memory foam padding + back support cushion. This is of utmost importance for the spine, especially if you’re on the heavier side. Supporting more weight puts additional stress on the spine and every good gaming chair should help you alleviate that stress with ergonomic features. You can read more about how obesity and lower back pain are connected here.
  2. Level of adjustments. KILLABEE chair is especially strong in this area. Every single part of the gaming chair for tall and big gamers is adjustable and it includes 3D armrests.
  3. The dimensions of the chair. If it’s too big for you it probably won’t fit you like a glove and you won’t feel comfortable gaming in the seat for hours on end.

Later on, we’ll also look at how KILLABEE chair is built and what it is built out of to see if the build quality justifies the enormous 400 lbs maximum weight capacity.

Upgraded Ergonomic Design (From All Sides)

When KILLABEE chair for heavy set people was first designed, they put the comfortability and ergonomics front and center. Honestly, it’s only reasonable to create a comfy gaming chair and add that ergonomic features to help the spine bare the heavier burden easier.

The idea of creating ergonomic support from all sides by using thick memory foam (that adjusts neatly to one’s body size) was wonderful. It created a gaming chair that feels like a safe nest for heavier gamers.

They’ve recently even upgraded the original padding structure to create the 2019 version of KILLABE gaming chair. The prime two ergonomic additions are:

  1. Do you know the neat seat cushion that was so comfy? Well, they added the additional memory foam padding on top of the seat cushion. Just to make it even more super comfortable.
  2. Lumbar pillow for low-back support. There is a documented connection between obesity and low-back pains; it makes this broad lumbar pillow invaluable.

The new upgraded version of KILLABEE chair now has 3 types of support in addition to the overall memory foam covering all over the chair:

comfortable gaming chair for big guys with ergonomic spine support
Do notice how broad the lumbar support is. That’s invaluable exactly because of the connection between obesity and lower back pain. The broad lumbar support alleviates a lot of pressure in the low-back part.
Of course, all of these marvelous supports that secure one’s spine works perfectly only if the chair fits perfects. 

That’s why the adjustability of KILLABEE armrests, back supports and height adjustments are so important.

What If I’m Tall And Slim, Or Overweight And Short? Enter The Every KILLABEE Part Is Adjustable World

The perfect chair should fit some’s stature perfectly. The default setup of KILLABEE gaming chair is specifically designed to fit ‘Big and Tall’ gamers perfectly. As we said, the big and tall is in the name of the chair.

But what if you’re tall and not overweight? Or, on the other hand, if you’re looking for a chair that would be appropriate for a short and obese gamer?

The beauty of the KILLABLE chair is that it can be a perfectly-fitting chair for a 6’4” guy who weighs 212 lbs as well as for a 5’10” guy who weighs 378 lbs.

How is that possible?

Well, you’ve probably guessed it yourself: Adjustability.

Of course, every gaming chair is adjustable to some degree but with the KILLABEE chair, we’re talking something completely different. Why?

Simply because every part of KILLABEE chair is adjustable. 

Are you crazy tall? Move up the seat height up. Both of your feet should rest casually on the floor.

Are you becoming sleepy? Tilt the backrest a bit back and you can take an afternoon nap right in the chair. Kind of like this:

killabee racing chair review

Are you slimmer than your average big and tall gamer? No problem, adjust the armrests so they enclose your body type perfectly.

There are 4 main this KILLABEE gaming chair allows you to adjust:

  1. The height of the gaming chair. Just use the lever under the seat.
  2. The tilt of the backrest. Refer to the photo above for “reading mode”, “watching Netflix mode” and “napping mode”. Of course, you can do some leisure gaming at the 120-degree inclination – especially perfect for big guys who love playing Hello Kitty Island adventure (the first leisure game I can come up with lol).
  3. Back pressure. The removable lumbar support should be adjusted accordingly to your body type.
  4. Armrests. 3D armrests, in facts. That means they move in pretty much every direction: up, down, right, left, forward and backward.

3d armrests that move in 3 different directions according to the body type

The whole point of the lavish adjustments, swivel and back angle option is to make you feel comfortable in the gaming chair.

Of course, you’ll have to experiment a bit with different KILLABEE chair settings to find out the one that best suits you.

How I set up the adjustments of gaming chairs?

Simple. I have two rules. Go back and forward with switching the chair height, armrest settings and so on until you:

  1. Almost don’t feel the chair at all. That’s when the gaming chair is at it’s the most comfortable position for your body type.
  2. You can feel that the lightest tap on the mouse will fire a shot. I play a lot of shooting games such as Counter-Strike and Call Of Duty and there every millisecond of response time matters. This is where the 3D adjustable come in handy; all the structure of the chair should focus your shooting hand to get that few millisecond edge in the combat.

Dynamic Comfort With Rocking Function

Up until now, we saw how the KILLABEE gaming chair can be adjusted to fit any kind of big and tall person; both tall and slim gamers as well as short and overweight.

All of that has to do with how the chair performs in its static setup. But, of course, some gamers like to move in a gaming chair and for those, the KILLABEE chair has two rocking functions up its sleeve:

dynamic comfortable gaming chair for obese gamers

Two rocking functions include:

  1. Tough rocking. The chair’s backrest can cover about 10 degrees in the tough rocking setup. It is more of a digital setting; you go from 180 degrees directly to a 170-degree angle.
  2. Smooth rocking. This backrest setting is a bit looser and allows for 30 degrees rocking back and forth. The KILLABEE smoothly rocking setting is more analog in nature; you can cover any angle between 180 and 150 degrees with a smooth transition. The smooth rocking feels quite comfortable.

The rocking back and forth isn’t some extra thing that will help you while the gaming is most intense. It will, however, let you blow off some steam when you’re waiting to respawn or the game to load.

Little short breaks are often overlooked: rocking a bit and letting the steam off in between turns or waiting for respawn will relax you for few seconds at a time. This little pauses will enable you to focus longer and hone your own durability skills during gaming.

Strong Chair Build For 400 LBS Capacity

One thing to keep in mind with the KILLABEE chair for big and tall guys is that it has a weight capacity that leaves all the standard chairs far behind.

In fact, a standard gaming chair has a maximum weight capacity that is 100 lbs lower than that of the KILLABEE chair.

With such a weight capacity, it is essential that the chair build quality and materials the gaming chair is made out of to justify the 400 lbs maximum weight capacity. In short, if you’re buying a chair for big guys, any kind of plastics-only chair should be an immediate red flag.

Fortunately, the KILLABEE with its strong foundation has no structural red flags.

Metal Frame

The integral structure of the KILLABEE chair is made out of an integrated metal frame. The hard and sturdy metal is the best material to use when building a chair of superior capacity.

The best chairs, however, have their structural core build-out of aluminum which has similar capacity capabilities as metal but it’s up to 3 times lighter.

Metal Base With Smooth-Rolling Castors

The base of the chair is responsible for carrying all the weight of the KILLABEE gaming chair.

To justify the 400 lbs capacity, the gaming chair base is made out of heavy-duty metal – the kind of metal that heavy machinery designed to made Typhoon-class submarines is made out of. 

So yeah, it’s pretty tough.

The base consists of 5 base arms with smooth-rolling casters that are essential to carry all the weight well balanced and stable. This ensures that the whole base of the chair, together with the backrest, seat and all other parts, are stable even when you’re moving around your room or the office.

The base and the frame are connected with the gas spring that ensures you can adjust the seat height up and down with relative ease.

The Sheer Dimensions Of KILLABEE Chair

In short, it’s bigger. A normal-sized guy will find sitting on it quite difficult. If, on the other hand, your body proportions are such that you’re exactly the guy who hates the lack of additional leg space on planes, the sheer dimensions of KILLABEE chair, together with the requisite adjustments, will fit you perfectly.

The long story of how big it is – Here are some impressive measurements:

dimension of the killabee gaming chair for big and tall gus
The superior dimensions of KILLABEE gaming chair.

Let’s break down the dimensions just for fun to see how much bigger KILLABEE chair is from a standard-sized gaming chair:

Backrest Height And Width (33 Inches And 23 Inches, Respectively)

The size of the backrest is concerned with neatly setting up your upper body.

The average width of the backrest is about 30 inches and the height is about 20 inches; these are ballpark figures.

What kind of backrest dimensions does KILLABEE offer?

  • Backrest width: 23’2”. That is 3 inches, or about 15% broader than an average gaming chair.
  • Backrest height: 33’5”. The height of the gaming chair is also about 3 inches longer (or more than 10%) than an ordinary gaming chair.
The more than 10% wider and longer backrest simply means that big and tall guys who struggle to fit in an ordinary-sized gaming chair now have that extra space (to spread their latissimus wings).

What about the lower body?

Seat Depth And Width (20 Inches And 21 Inches, Respectively)

We can agree that the integral part of a gaming chair is the seat. It’s literally the thing you sit your ass on.

Ballpark figures for the size of a gaming chair seat are 19-inches depth and 20-inches wide.

How does KILLABEE outperform those dimensions? Let’s see:

  • Seat depth: 20’5”. 
  • Seat width: 21’7”.

Both the depth and the width dimension of the KILLABEE gaming chair are more than 5% longer/wider than an ordinary chair. Together that adds more than 10% to the surface area of the gaming chair; and in the world of chairs, that’s quite a big difference.

The giant difference between an average chair and the upgraded KILLABEE chair is the seat thickness. With 6’5” thick seat, the KILLABEE chair outperforms a standard-sized gaming chair for as much as 60% in gaming seat thickness.

Summary: KILLABEE Chair Is Formidable Chair For Optimum Gaming Experience (For Big Guys Only)

If you’re a tall and big gamer, you have the added advantage when it comes to gaming chairs:

The bigger gaming chairs can put in extra features and thicker cushions than the standard-sized chairs.

KILLABEE designers took the extra dimensions the big and tall chair offers with both hands to create a chair that is crazy comfortable and adds another level to your gaming skill.


  • Crazy Comfy! Built for comfortability, with next-gen thick padding

  • Triple Back Support (High Back, Lumbar, Left And Right Back Cushioning)

  • Everything Adjustable: Seat, Backrest, Back Pressure, And 3D Armrests (WOW!)

  • Metal Frame, Heavy-Duty Metal Base And Smooth Castors

  • 400 LBS Maximum Weight Capacity

  • The Best Value Gaming Chair For Big And Tall Gamers

  • Must Be Over 5’10”

  • Takes Longer To Find The Perfect Adjustments

  • Some Reported Problems With Tilt Mechanism

Build Materials:4.8 out of 5 stars
Ergonomics:4.1 out of 5 stars
Comfortability:4.8 out of 5 stars
Extra Features:3.8 out of 5 stars
Price:4.3 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating:4.2 out of 5 stars
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Some Lists Where KILLABEE Chair Made A Killing

The big and tall KILLABEE is quite popular and there is no lack of reviews on the internet. Here are some memorable reviewers who either reviewed the big and tall chair or included it in Top 10ish lists:

For Big & Heavy People – It’s a blog that understands the needs of overweight people. They have created a selection of 5 best office chairs for big men and have included, quite surprising given that KILLABEE is primarily a gaming chair, the KILLABEE chairs in the list. They’re pretty much in awe of it’s 400 lbs weight capacity.

GregglesTV – This is a Youtube review of the KILLABEE gaming chair by a big and tall guy (the most appropriate guy to actually review the chair). The channel itself has more than 55.000 subscribers and their reviews are quite fun to watch.

CutSilence – CutSilence also made a list of top big and tall gaming chairs that include Ficmax large chair, GTracing chair, TOPSKY one and, of course, the KILLABEE chair. Top ergonomic qualities of the chair are pointed out.


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