7 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs In 2021 (Compared & Reviewed)

Ok, here’s the deal about cozy gaming chairs. I can’t tell you how many lists of the ‘8 most comfortable gaming chairs in 2020’ I’ve seen that are full of just sturdy non-comfortable office chairs for $500. The ones without any armrest padding, no footrest, and barely above-average seat padding thickness.

I really can’t stress this enough: Comfy chairs need to be curvy!

Nobody wants to hand out headshots while sitting on a rigid 1-inch padding chair. They are just, well, not very comfortable.

Going through the ‘Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs In The World GUARANTEED’ lists and seeing $1,000 rigid Herman Miller chair is just crazy. It’s like somebody would start a list of the best comfy foods with foie gras, caviar and cauliflower with balsamic reduction.

No, man, you’re doing it wrong. Pizza is comfy food. It’s not healthy or anything but is comfy as hell.

That’s the whole pizza-is-comfy-food attitude I took when making my own list of truly most comfortable gaming chairs. The ones with an unnerving amount of deep padding, 3-inch thick seats, covered armrests and, yes, even footrests.

Because if I have to look at another blogger spewing out some Secretlab sturdy chair without padded armrests and no supports for like $500 I’m just gonna lose it. That’s not comfortable! Or a Herman Miller for $1,000. Ergonomic, yes, but not a bit of comfort we want during a gaming session.

Those are office ergonomic chairs – not gaming comfortable chairs. It’s just an expensive overkill that’s far less comfortable than $200 Respawn 110. Come at me in the comments, I don’t care. You know it’s an overkill.

Ok, sorry for this rant. I just want somebody to actually care which gaming chairs are truly the most comfortable.

That’s why, as I’ve said, I’ve compiled my own no-nonsense list. These ones are full of cloud-like padding and actually feel incredibly comfortable. And, yes, they are curvy:

List Of 7 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs (The Actually Cozy Ones You Can Enjoy Gaming In)

Comfy Chair:Chair Name:Rating:
respawn 900 comfortness fortress#1 RESPAWN 900
Comfortness Fortress
With The Most
BONUS: Cupholder!
4.9 out of 5 stars
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comfy fortnite chair for gaming on mobile phones#2 Fortnite OMEGA-R
Rocker Gaming Chair
On A Pedestal
With Padded Armrests
4.7 out of 5 stars
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nokaxus gaming chair with 30% thicker seat for comfortness#3 NOKAXUS YK-6008
Gaming Chair
With +30%
Thicker Seat
(Cushy Seat)
4.2 out of 5 stars
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respawn 110 comfortable gaming chair in black and blue with footrest#4 RESPAWN 110
Comfy Chair With Padded
Armrests And Footrest
4.2 out of 5 stars
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big and tall 400 lbs comfortable von racer B07BVB8KNM gaming chair by killabee#5 VON RACER
Big And Tall 400 lbs
Gaming Chair With
Seat Padding
4.1 out of 5 stars
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elecwish cloud like gaming chair by YOURLITEAMZ#6 ELECWISH by YOURLITEAMZ
Comfy Gaming Chair
With Thicker
Foam Padding
4.3 out of 5 stars
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blue whale big B07V22MVB9 model of a comfy gaming chair with added massage pillow#7 Blue Whale

Massage Gaming
Chair With
Special Wave Support
4.4 out of 5 stars
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#1 RESPAWN 900 – Most Comfortable Overall + Cupholder (As Comfy As Eating Pizza In Pyjamas)

Ok, there is no amount of praise that could make the RESPAWN 900 justice. This is literally the most comfortable gaming chair you will find. It’s the very definition of how a cozy chair for gaming should be designed.

And get this: The 900 model has a cupholder built-in in the left armrest. That’s just too much ‘Gatorade me!’ action.

What makes the RESPAWN 900 so unique is the waterfall-like footrest. The footrest extends directly from the backrest. That’s how the whole of your body is supported, even below belt.

The best thing about this design are the side supports on the left and right from your ass cheeks. You can see how the padding on the armrest is extended down toward the thickly padded seat:

respawn 900 gaming chair in a gaming room in front of a desktop
RESPAWN 900 is the very textbook case of a comfortable gaming chair. Ample padding on all sides, padded armrests, cozy leg rest and pedestal for increased stability. Oh, and the cupholder!

Every the most comfortable gaming chairs have an empty space between the armrest and the seat; not the RESPAWN 900 though. That just gives you additional support from the sides.

Another key element is the pedestal. You may not see it from the photo but RESPAWN 900 rests on a pedestal instead of being supported by a 5-star base. The 5-star base is a good standard, no doubt, but the pedestal is what you really need for ultimate stability.

All in all, the RESPAWN 900 was designed as a textbook case of a truly comfortable gaming chair. The price of almost $300, however, does reflect how well designed and comfortable the chair is. You can get it here:

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#2 Fortnite OMEGA-R – Cozy Console And Mobile Games Chair

Most of the gaming chairs are created for PC gamers. That’s why the Fortnite OMEGA-R series (designed for console gaming and mobile gaming – Fortnite, duh!) was such a breath of fresh air.

PC gaming has your hands glued to the keyboard and mouse. Holding an Xbox controller or an iPhone is another ballpark altogether. That’s why the design of a comfortable gaming chair for console and mobile gamers has to be different.

The OMEGA-R chair includes the thick padding on the seat, armrests, headrest and on the sides of the backrest. What really makes a special difference is the 118-degree rocking recline options. That’s how just can get completely comfy on the chair.

Here are some general features of the Fortnite chair:

specs of fortnite omega r cozy gaming chair that include padded armrests and tilt tension adjustment
Fortnite OMEGA-R is a new-age comfortable chair for console and mobile gamers.

Again we see the pedestal. A pedestal is always a great idea because all the padding will not make a chair comfortable if it’s not stable. The job of the pedestal is to guarantee that stability by maximizing the area that supports your gaming ass.

If the armrests get in the way, you can simply move them out of the way. That’s great for people who want to cozy up in the chair, legs included. Just pivot those armrests away and create your comfy zone while being surrounded by the backrest and a comfortable seat.

You can get the Fortnite OMEGA-R series chair is several colors, you can check them out here:

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#3 NOKAXUS YK-6008 – Chair With The Thickest Seat (+30% Thicker)

The key element of a comfortable chair is a deeply padded seat. That’s where the center of our gravity lies and the seat holds up the higher percentage of your body weight.

NOKAXUS chair (YK-6008) model is one of the most popular gaming chairs praised by guys who like them some comfy chairs exactly because of its thick seat.

In fact, the padding on the NOKAXUS gaming chair is more than 30% thicker when compared with a standard gaming chair. That’s one fat-ass padding as you can see from this photo below:

NOKAXUS YK-6008 has a really thick seat. Feels like a real ass-cushion. Also comes with a footrest and massage lumbar support.

The retractable footrest is also nice if you want to rest your legs a bit while gaming. Obviously, that could make a gaming chair unstable. In order to ensure the stability and comfortability, the NOKAXUS has a large 5-star sturdy base and a metal spine. Due to this sturdy built, this chair’s maximum capacity is 350 lbs (300 lbs is a standard maximum capacity).

The massager lumbar support just adds to the warm and comfortable feeling when you sit on that cloud-like cushion. All the pillows you see – even the headrest – are easily adjustable. If you’re a tall guy, just customize your pillows and you will have one comfortable seat.

NOKAXUS is especially affordable for a comfy chair with such thick sponges. You can get it for about $200:

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#4 RESPAWN 110 – Most Thickly Padded Cloud-Like Chair

RESPAWN is the No. 1 brand when it comes to the most comfortable gaming chairs. For everybody who would like a budget-friendly and comfy chair for less than $150, here is the RESPAWN 110.

RESPAWN 110 is the classic comfy gaming chair with the cloud-like thick padding all around. The armrests are covered with an inch thick padding, the seat itself is comfy and the backrest is comprised of both lumbar support and backrest as well as side supporters.

The retractable footrest is just another fun component that makes the RESPAWN 110 even more comfortable. You can take a nap in this bad boy:

most comfortable gaming chair for strategy games
RESPAWN 110 is so comfortable you can even nap in.

The recline function can lower the backrest to a 155-degree angle. However, be aware that this might be one of the most comfortable gaming chairs but not if you’re over 275 lbs.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. If you’re on a heavy side, try to choose a bigger chair. A bigger gamer could be too big for this chair. Especially the stability of the chair would suffer and nobody finds an unstable chair very comfortable for long.

All in all, the RESPAWN 110 is one of those classic most comfy gaming chairs that has everything covered (if you’re not above 275 lbs, that is). You can get one for about $150 here:

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#5 VON RACER Big And Tall 400 LBS Chair – Most Comfortable Chair For Big Guys

The VON RACER is one of the all-time favorite chairs (yes, I’m a bit on a heavy side). I always say that it really looks like Thanos’s chin. You know that big purple bad guy in Avengers? Yeah, everybody knows Thanos.

Well, the unique comfort of the VON RACER big and tall gaming chair comes from the seat and backrest design. It looks like Thanos’s chin, have a look.

That seat, however, is a memory foam seat cushion. That’s the most comfortable type of seat for a gaming chair. If you are a big guy (have I mentioned this, the VON RACER is called ‘Big And Tall 400 lbs’ for a reason) who likes to have gaming marathons lasting for hours on end, the seating comfort will definitely be useful:

VON RACER chair has a seat that resembles Thanos’s chin. Nonetheless, it’s a very comfy chair for big and tall guys (up to 400 lbs).

The memory foam for lower back support is also great. This is a big chair and if you’re not huge, you will probably need the additional pillow behind your lumbar area to bridge the gap between your back and the backrest.

If, on the other hand, you are a big guy weighing more than 300 lbs, you might find that pillow behind your back bothersome. The simple way to make the VON RACER gaming chair more comfortable is just to remove the pillow. It’s removable for exactly this reason.

The armrests are adjustable 3D-type ones. However, they are not really padded. That’s not ideal.

In summary, if you’re a big guy looking for a comfortable gaming chair the VON RACER chair is exactly the chair that would be the most appropriate for you.

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#6 ELECWISH By YOURLITEAMZ – Another Cloud-Like Pleasant Chair

I don’t really know who the YOURLITEAMZ are but they have created quite a comfy gaming chair. The ELECWISH B078SRQNSQ chair has the key ingredient every most comfortable gaming chair should have: ample padding!

Padding on the sides, padding under your ass, nice ample padding on the armrests. You see the footrest? This is exactly what those expensive office chairs lack.

The cloud-like structure of the chair that is hiding under the PU leather is what makes for a comfortable gaming chair. You can also see the added headrest pillow  and lumbar cushion (both of them are adjustable):

red comfortable gaming chair elecwish with fat padding
ELECWISH’s cloud-like structure is exactly what makes a gaming chair comfortable. That and some footrest, obviously.

When compared with office chairs, you will see that the depth of padding on ELECWISH is bigger. That’s the difference between comfortability and ergonomics. Office chairs may be ergonomic but ergonomic chairs are not necessarily comfortable.

In fact, the whole point of ergonomic chairs is to force you to keep your spine as straight as possible. Well, that alone just doesn’t sound cozy, right? The YOURLITEAMZ obviously knew that adding padding will add to the overall coziness of the chair.

You can get yours here:

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#7 Blue Whale B07V22MVB9 – Double The Coziness

Blue Whale chair has special wave support that makes it much more comfortable than normal deep padding. The designers of the B07V22MVB9 chair call it ‘Double Comfort’. Well, that might be a cliche-sounding term but it does express how comfortable the Blue Whale gaming chair is.

This ‘Double Comfort’ feature is a part of the upgraded model of the Blue Whale chair. The whole point is that the seat has a two-stage cushion. That means that one cushion is sitting on the other cushion. and your ass goes on top of that.

So when you move, the upper cushion moves and the lower cushion works as a stabilizing agent. That means that all your movement is balanced out a bit by this ‘Double Comfort’ seat. Quite a neat idea, actually!

Here is the big 350 lbs Blue Whale chair:

blue whale gaming chair with double comfort seat
Upgraded version of Blue Whale chair has the ‘Double Comfort’ seat. It balances out your movement and feels much more comfortable than a normal deep padded seat.

You will also notice the USB-powered massage pillow in the lumbar area. That can be a plus for people who think a massage while gaming is comfortable. I don’t really a fan of these pillows; I usually use it just as a pillow, without the vibrating option turned on.

This is a bigger chair that can support guys up to 350 lbs. If you have less than 200 lbs, you should choose a normal-sized chair. For everybody else, the Big Whale is available here:

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Do You Have Your Favorite Comfy Chair?

Alright, these are the most comfortable chairs you can buy in 2020. I’m going to update this list every month or so because I would really hate people getting a rigid chair for gaming. Why?

Rigid chairs are awful, especially for long-hour gamers.

Of course, if you have a nice cozy chair in mind, you can share it in the comments. Do comment about what exactly makes it so comfortable. The padding, the footrest, the general layout of the backrest and so on. Those are just some ideas.

I hope all of this helps and everybody gets the most comfort out of their gaming chairs.

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