Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan: Which One Is Better For Gamers?

I can’t tell you how many emails I get about two top-tier chairs – noblechairs Hero vs. Secretlab Titan 2020. They usually go along these lines:

“Hey, I’m a Call of Duty player, need a gaming chair, stuck between noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan. Which one is better?”


“Hello, I have this and this rig, my chair choices really come down to Secretlab Titan vs noblechairs Hero. Which one would you recommend?”

Here’s the same Secretlab Titan vs noblechairs Hero question on Reddit (PC Master Race subreddit, if anybody is wondering):

which gaming chair is better secretlab titan vs noblechairs hero

Without a doubt, both Secretlab and noblechairs are two of the best gaming chair brands out there. However, how to tell which one is better?

I think this calls for our 1st gaming chairs battle. I’ll treat this Hero vs Titan gaming chair comparison somewhat like a boxing match, so let’s ring the bell. You can check both contenders here:

Check TITAN Check HERO


Despite their similarities, the chairs have notable differences that everybody buying the noblechairs or Secretlab chairs should be fully aware of.

We’ll go through two comparison tables. The 1st one will compare the similarities between Hero and Titan chair, the 2nd one will compare the differences (the important table). At the end we’ll look at the verdict; I’ll even reveal the surprising answer to the Reddit inquire above.

Ok, before we go into full ‘In the left corner, we have noblechairs Hero; in the right corner, we have Secretlab Titan, let’s at first have a look at how are these two top-tier gaming chairs similar.

Why The Dilemma Between Secretlab Titan And Noblechairs Hero

From thousands of gaming chairs out there, how do gamers boil the choices down exactly to Titan vs Hero?

Well, they do have quite a lot in common. The similarities are exactly the reason why people have such a hard time to choose the Titan over Hero, and visa versa.

The choice comes down to the best Secretlab chair – the Titan – vs noblechairs Hero because we’re looking for:

  • A top-tier gaming chairs. Not those below $200 racing chairs.
  • Price range: $400 to $500.
  • Well-built chair with a good reputation.

Here is the full list of similarities between the two (we’re comparing specs, dimensions, quality of upholstery and so on):

Noblechairs Hero VS Secretlab Titan (Table 1: Similarities)

Noblechairs HeroSecretlab Titan
photo of noblechairs hero gaming chair to the comparison with secretlab titansecretlab titan gaming chair compared to noblechairs hero
Dimensions:21.6 x 26.4 x 50.822.1 x 28.9 x 51.3
Max. Weight:330 lbs290 lbs
Upholstery:Premium PU Leather
(1.5mm thick)
Premium PU Leather
(PRIME 2.0) as basic upholstery
Foam Quality:Cold Cure FoamCold Cure Foam
2.62-inchXL size
Base material:AluminumAluminum
Gas Lift:Class 4Class 4

What have we learned from this table? Well, not all that much. The chairs are pretty comparable in terms of quality of leather, foam, price, materials, casters.

The Secretlab Titan might have a lower maximum capacity and is a bit cheaper. Both chairs have top-notch upholstery and foam for this price range. Here are some useful guides to familiarize yourself with the upholstery and foam quality:

And now lets really ring the bell and start this gaming chair battle!

Differences Between Secretlab Titan 2020 And Noblechairs Hero

Obviously, the chairs are so alike that we really have to dig in to see what separates the Secretlab chair from the noblechairs chair.

Despite being so similar, there are notable differences.

Noblechairs Hero VS Secretlab Titan (Table 2: Differences)

Noblechairs HeroSecretlab Titan
photo of noblechairs hero gaming chair to the comparison with secretlab titansecretlab titan gaming chair compared to noblechairs hero
(Diamond Stitching)
Good (Premium PU leather)
Upholstery upgrade?Yes - Good upgrades
1. Vinyl/PU Hybrid (+10% price)
2. Real Leather (+70% price)
Yes - Great upgrades
1. SoftWeave Fabric (+10% price)
2. NAPA Leather (+100% price)
Upholstery skins?No (1 available)Yes (24 available)
20 PU Leather skins,
3 SoftWeave skins,
1 NAPA leather
Look:Office StyleGaming Style
Upgrade levels:Low
(Hero pretty much stays the same)
(every year new version of Titan)
Brand origin:GermanySingapur
Price: Check HERO Price Check TITAN Price

As you can see from Table 2 above, the Secretlab Titan 2020 has an edge in:

  • Upholstery upgrades. I mean, you can get Softweave fabric for an extra few $10. If you want to splurge yourself, you can even go NAPA leather way. noblechairs Hero does have upgrades as well but they are not as appealing.
  • Upholstery skins. noblechairs Hero is plain black like an office chair. Titan, however, is a true gaming chair and you get 24 different skins you can choose from. Want to have Dota 2 or House Stark upholstery skin? You’ve got it. I love that you can customize your gaming chair in such a way.
  • Comfortability. Secretlab Titan as ‘de facto’ gaming chairs is obviously more comfortable than office-style Hero.
  • Look. This is subjective but I do prefer a gaming chair look. After all, you’re buying a chair for gaming, not for the office (Hero is designed as an office chair).
  • Upgrade levels. You have Secretlab Titan 2016, Secretlab Titan 2018, Secretlab Titan 2020 vs. noblechairs Hero, noblechairs Hero, noblechairs Hero. Essentially, Secretlab upgrades their chairs regularly while the noblechairs chair stays the same.
Different upholstery ‘skins’ Secretlab Titan comes in. Hero comes just in black upholstery.

The Titan has only one advantage over Hero:

  • Breathability. You have to admit that the noblechairs Hero has better breathability. That is an important advantage.

One point of difference is also where the gaming chair brand is located. Secretlab is a Singapur-based company, noblechairs is a Germany-based company. Germans are known for their advanced engineering; however, in Singapur, you’ll find a more thriving gaming community. I can’t even decide how to factor this is the grand scheme of Secretlab vs. noblechairs comparison. I like both German engineering and cool Singapur-based gaming tournaments.

What Do Reviewers Say About The Breathability Of Noblechairs vs Secretlab Chair?

The only big advantage noblechairs Hero has over Secretlab Titan 2020 is the breathability.

In short, the Hero has a better way of creating air circulation behind your back and ass.

What’s the superpower that the Hero has for breathability? In fact, it has 2:

why noblechairs hero is better gaming chair than secretlab titan
noblechairs Hero has both diamond stitching to improve airflow and breathable seat cover.

Do you see those little holes in the chair seat? Those make the seat beatable (your ass won’t stick to the leather).

Additionally, the diamond stitching you can see on the backrest (red diamonds) creates an airflow that dissipates heat from your back.

Which Chair Is More Ergonomic And Comfortable?

First of all, let’s clarify the difference between ergonomic and comfortable.

An ergonomic chair makes us sit the right way in order to best protect our spine. That has a lot to do with how our weight is distributed throughout the gaming chair. Comfortable, on the other hand, is pretty simple: how comfy the chair feels.

When it comes to Secretlab Titan vs noblechairs Hero, you can look at how the design of the chair makes them comfortable and/or ergonomic. Here are two design aspects that make the Titan comfy and ergonomic:

comfortability of titan chair by secretlab


According to numerous reviews, we can get a clear picture of:

  • Secretlab Titan is more comfortable.
  • Both noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan are ergonomic (by design).

In essence, Titan is comfier and both chairs take care of your posture and spine.

Verdict: Titan Smashed Her0 (5:1 In Favor Of Titan)

Despite being so similar, we’ve noted 5 important differences between Secretlab Titan and noblechairs Hero.

According to notable reviews, the noblechairs Hero has better breathability, ergonomics and very important adjustable lumbar. It looks nobler and classy.

secretlab titan gaming chair

On the other hand, the only edge Secretlab Titan has over Hero is the comfortability. The look of the chair is also cooler but that’s pretty much a matter of opinion.

noblechairs Hero score: 1 point.

Secretlab Titan score: 5 points.

All in all, we have a clear winner: Secretlab Titan 2020. You can buy the Titan here.

It smashes the Hero 5 against 1 point, based on their differences.

If you have something to add to why Secretlab might be better or why noblechairs is the right choice, you can share your thoughts in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan: Which One Is Better For Gamers?”

  1. Is there still a difference between the lumbar support mechanisms? Looks like both lumbar support are only adjustable in one direction (“in” or “out”) but not in height (“up” and “down”).

    The titan is 60 USD cheaper right now which makes it the more reasonable choice

    • You’re right, there is little difference as far as the lumbar mechanism is supported. Nonetheless, the Hero has a wider range of “in” or “out” flexibility, while the Titan is a bit stiffer in this area.
      The price of the Titan is not as constant as the price of the Hero. Secretlab has various deals and discounts, especially during the Black Friday season. If you can the Titan $60 cheaper than the Hero, that’s a great deal and it makes a reasonable case in favor of the Titan, no doubt.

    • Secretlab has developed their own SoftWeave fabric just to increase the breathability. Between the current 3 options of PU leather, NAPA leather and SoftWeave fabric, the fabric one has significantly better breathability. The Titan with fabric has similar breathability to the Hero. It’s just that Hero gets the breathability from how the cover is shaped and the fabric Titan gets the breathability from the fabric itself. The addition of fabric, however, does impact the visual appeal and price a bit.

  2. Here Titan wins against Hero by 5 to 1.
    But in the list “9 Best Gaming Chairs in 2020” Hero ranks above Titan.
    What makes the difference between both results?

    What is the highest position for armrest of the Hero?
    (Titan has 66,5-83,5 cm)

    One hint, in your text it´s not Hero, but Herp:
    “Verdict: Titan Smashed Herp”

  3. I had the Hero Black Edition. The Problem was if you use it without the lumbar pillow only using the included lumbar support you sit direkt on the beginning of the metal frame. You feel the edge with your butt.
    How does the titan compare?

    • Hello Ragna, the Titan doesn’t have a pillow. The lumbar support is integrated; that means that you have the lower part of backrest designed as lumbar support. It’s adjustable so you can customize it to better support your lower back (similarly how BMW racing car seats are).


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