Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review 2021: +30% Thickness Comfy Giant

One of the best feelings for us here at Gaming Chair Hunter is hunting for some comfy gaming chairs.

When looking around we stumbled on the new 2019 edition of the huge Nokaxus gaming chair with the +30% thicker seat. Now, this does deserve Nokaxus gaming chair review because we all like evaluating those thick and comfy seats.

Exploring the Nokaxus chair a bit more, you can see this is a comfortable throne. Yes, the +30% thicker high-density Nokaxus cushion sponge seat is almost famous by now. But the chair is built for comfortable gaming from the ground up.

Here is the list of comfortable features we’ll go through in Nokaxus gaming chair review:

  • Footrest to chill while gaming.
  • Massage pillow in the lumbar area.
  • The 180-degree recline option.
  • Have I mentioned the +30% thicker seat yet?

The Nokaxus chair is not only incredibly comfortable but it’s also one of the best looking chairs around. Look at how formidable it looks in this pose:

nokaxus chair for call of duty and fps gaming
Nokaxus is one of the most incredibly comfortable chairs for gaming. Also: badass look!

The one real drawback of the Nokaxus chair is that it’s not really appropriate for short guys under 5’8”. This is a chair for big guys. The Nokaxus is a 57-pound heavy-duty gaming chair with a maximum capacity of 350 lbs.

For such an impressive chair, Nokaxus is very reasonably priced given its sheer size and comfortability settings. Basically, you’re getting a big 4+ star medium-range chair that costs less than $200. Well, almost. You can use my $20 OFF code ‘shunter‘ to get a better deal. You can check out the chair and buy it with the code here:

Check Price On NOKAXUS

In the following Nokaxus gaming chair review, we’ll point out all the outstanding features that lead us down the part to revealing why this giant of a chair is worth hunting down.

Review of Nokaxus Large Gaming Chair

To clear things up; there are several Nokaxus chairs around and we’ll focus our review on the Nokaxus model YK-6008-BLACK chair.

You can, of course, get this large chair in other colors as well. The options are: red, blue, black, pink and white.

Everybody who loves comfy seats just starts talking about how nice the thick padding on the seat is. It does feel nice to sit on the Nokaxus gianormous seat – it’s like sitting on clouds, honestly.

However, what really makes the chair comfortable are all the other thick paddings and pillows that support every other part of your body.

Massage Back Pillow Gives Nokaxus Chair An Extra Boost

Take the adjustable Nokaxus lumbar pillow. It’s thick and wide; both characteristics make are essential for comfortable waist support.

But the Nokaxus designers went a step further. They turned that waist comfy pillow into a massage pillow.

The USB function that powers the small massaging motions in the pillow does the work. One thing is to sit on a gaming chair with thick padding and all that; a whole another cushioning experience is having a massage pillow supporting your lumbar area as is the case with the Nokaxus chair.

The high-back pillow, however, is nothing out of the ordinary. If you compare the Nokaxus chair with other standard gaming chairs, you’ll see that pretty much all of them have some sort of high-back support. Pillow is a nice and clean solution that the designers of Nokaxus decided to use as well.

It is so comfortable that it was included in the list of best comfy chairs for gaming.

Footrest And The 180-Degree Horizontal Recline

The padding of the Nokaxus chair is really thick, and that’s just the baseline from where you can further build a comfortable gaming chair. Gamers who like comfy chairs always ask two questions:

  1. Can I put my legs up?
  2. Can I sleep in it?
Thanks to the footrest and the 180-degree recline you can do both with the Nokaxus chair.

If you check out our article about 15 Best Gaming Chair With Footrest, you’ll see that gaming chair having a footrest is not only because we would like to lift our legs in the air during long-hour gaming. It’s kind of obvious that you can’t really put your legs in the air if you don’t have the leg rest to support them.

The pull-out footrest of Nokaxus chair really shows its values when you try to sleep in the seat. Or watch a movie, for example:

reclining nokaxus chair with footrest and 360 degree swivel

In the photo of Nokaxus chair above we can see why 180-degree recline is useful. However, what the picture doesn’t show is where do you put your legs while watching a movie or sleeping.

You’ll quickly realize that the footrest combined with the 180-degree recline Nokaxus offers is the necessary combo if you really want to enjoy a movie or sleep in the gaming chair comfortably.

Without the recline or the footrest, having such a comfy time isn’t an option.

Super Sturdy Design That Can Hold Up To 350 LBS

The Nokaxus chair assessment wouldn’t be complete without saying a word or two about its design. If you have a chair for big guys, it really needs to be put together from the heavy-duty materials that can have the 350 lbs maximum weight capacity.

The whole structure of the Nokaxus gaming chair confirms that you can really sit on it for years, even if you weigh 350 lbs.

The frame itself is made out of thickened steel which is pretty much the most reliable material that you can use.

The whole upholstery is made out of high-quality PU leather that is both durable and easy to clean. Additionally, the rolling casters are also made out of a strong and lightweight PU materials that don’t scratch the floor while rolling around (even if you have a 300-pound gamer on a wooden floor, the Nokaxus chair casters wouldn’t put a dent in it).

For the thick seat lifting, the Nokaxus chair uses the SGS Class 3 barometer which is more than enough to move the weight of a person up and down. Some gaming chairs other than Nokaxus use Class 4 barometer as well; however, that’s a bit of an overkill if you ask me.

Final Assessment of Nokaxus Comfortable Gaming Chair

Above all else, the Nokaxus chair is two things:

  1. REALLY comfortable. The thick seat in addition to the footrest, 180-degree recline, broad shoulder area, and cushioning all over makes for a chair that just wants to hug you in its comfiness.
  2. Big and reliable. The Nokaxus gaming chair weighs 57 pounds on its own because it’s made out of strong and sturdy materials like steel and hard PU.

If you’re on the biggest side and if you enjoy comfort without worrying you’ll have to replace your gaming chair in a year or so, you should opt for the Nokaxus gaming chair:

Buy It Directly Here

Given this is a very novel chair, we encourage you to comment below if you own the Nokaxus chair. Tell us how you’re satisfied with it. This will also make our job of hunting down the best chairs on the planet easier.

Oh, before I forget: There is a whole Youtube channel dedicated to the Nokaxus chair where the individual parts of the chair are shown and you’ll get an explanation of why they’re included in the chair.

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