Polar Aurora Review: Best Gaming Chair Under $150

When tracking down gaming chairs, the price of a chair does play an important role. Why would you spend more for your gaming set than you need to?

If you don’t have tons of cash but would still enjoy having a decent comfortable gaming chair, we have just the thing for you: We’re locking down the hatches and making a Polar Aurora gaming chair review.

About 150 bucks.

That how much the Polar Aurora gaming chair costs. If you’ve been following our hunting guide for gaming chairs, you’ll know that most of the gaming chairs under $150 are pumped up richly-colored crap creations.

The hunt for the Polar Aurora chair for gaming began when I said: “Hey, let’s say I have 150 bucks and want to get a gaming chair. Out of all the crappy ones, can I hunt down a hidden gem amount all that BS?”

It’s a fools’ errand, obviously. Every gaming chair I bought for cheap fell apart within 2 years. There literally was no way somebody could make a gaming chair under $100 that would be both durable and comfortable, right?

Wrong. One company managed to make the amazing Polar Aurora chair and the cheapest version of the chair is priced below $150. That’s outstanding.

I’ll go into full Polar Aurora review mode right away to explain why I and other gamers on a budget adore it.

It’s one of the best rated cheap gaming chairs on Amazon. You’ll see it’s available in 3 colors (red, blue, white) with the white version prices at less than $150. I’m not even kidding, you should check out its current price:

Check Current Price Here

Let’s break this chair apart to see what’s made out of.

What Makes Polar Aurora Chair So Much Better Than Other Below $150 Gaming Chairs?

The majority of chairs under $150 have two problems:

  1. Cheap chairs are made out of cheap materials (duhhh). The low-quality PU leather tears easily, the plastic casters break and the chair breaks down quite easily.
  2. They are rigid and have little cushioning or adjustable parts.

Unlike those rigid and cheap material chairs, the Polar Aurora chair has addressed both those issue while still keeping the price from spiking over $150:

  1. Polar Aurora chair upholstery is made out of highly durable PU leather that won’t tear up as easily as the cheap crap. It has a sturdy base and a weight capacity of 300 lbs which tells a lot about how well-built it is.
  2. If you look at the Polar Aurora upgraded version, it has plenty of cushioning; padded seat, lumbar support, and the removable high-back seat make it much more comfortable than other rigid chairs.

Even more, you have the one adjustment that is essential for every decent chair: the seat adjustment. That ensures that all the padding will fit your body perfectly is you’re a 5’6” or 6’4”. If you’re taller than that, you should really check out our article on the 7 Biggest Gaming Chairs For 6 Footers.

Let’s break down the built materials, shall we?

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Built Materials

The part that ‘breaks down’ the first with most of the cheap gaming chair is the upholstery.

The main reason is that high-quality upholstery is expensive (for example, the addition of real leather can boost the price of a gaming chair for as much as $300 as is the case with the noblechairs ICON chair).

If you’re trying to cut costs to make a more affordable gaming chair, you’ll probably cut the upholstery first.

High-Grade PU Leather Upholstery And SGS 3 Certified Seat Height Adjustment

The designers of the Polar Aurora gaming chair have decided, however, to outfit the chair with a high-grade high-quality PU leather. PU stands for PolyUrethane leather; this is the material most of the low-range and mid-range gaming chairs, including the Polar Aurora, are made out of.

The Polar Aurora uses the high-quality PU leather that is not as durable as genuine leather (obviously) but it will wear off way later than the cheap low-quality PU leather.

The pump that enables the adjustable seat height is SGS 3 certified. Translation: the transition from the lowest point of the seat (17.3 inches) to the highest point (21.3 inches) is smooth.

the positive features the polar aurora has to offer

Ample Padding That Comes With The Polar Aurora Upgraded Version Gaming Chair

The original Polar Aurora chair has a problem of being a bit uncomfortable. A gaming chair being uncomfortable is a big no-no. That’s why the new upgraded version of the chair features thick padding that includes:

  • Thick seat padding. The Polar Aurora seat is 19.8 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep, making it quite a comfy ass platform for gaming.
  • Lumbar support. Having lumbar support is a must; however, not many gaming chairs below $70 invest in having a nice big cushion to support your low-back area.
  • High-back support. This is where you can rest your head while gaming on the Polar Aurora chair.

It has to be said that some gamers like to have their head in a bit more relaxed position and they pretty much hate the high-back support. The Polar Aurora can accommodate both players who prefer the head support and those who hate it; how you might ask? By making it removable, of course.

Besides the specific padding under your ass, at your lumbar area and at the head, it’s equally important that the whole chair has sufficiently thick and high-density padding in order to hug your whole body while gaming.

Fortunately, gamers find the upgraded version Polar Aurora chair quite comfortable; we can all agree that the previous version was too rigid.

Additionally, the Polar Aurora chair also offers the full 90-degree to 180-degree reclining function. That’s quite an achievement but the stability at the 180-degree recline is not exactly top-notch.

The Not-So-Brilliant Built Materials (Plastic Parts)

Of course, if you’re making a chair that costs less than $70, you have to cut corners somewhere.

Where the Polar Aurora is not that different from other gaming chairs is the hard plastic spine of the chair. The mid-range and high-end gaming chairs have a structure based on heavy-duty steel.

The downside of plastic is that it can break easily if you’re not careful. The plastic frame of the Polar Aurora gaming seat will hold up to 300 lbs. However, you should be a bit more careful when making sudden movements (first-person shooter games can prompt you to leap out of the chair when you rage quit because of a camper headshoting you).

Another thing are the Polar Aurora casters. They do offer 360-degree rotation, are quiet, and don’t damage hardwood floor but they are made out of hard plastics. Rubber casters would be a better option but that would likely boost the price of the Polar Aurora chair over $150.

Great Features The Polar Aurora Offers

What really distinguishes the Polar Aurora chair is not only the comfortable padding and high-quality built materials (at least some parts). The features that many cheap gaming chairs lack is adjustability.

As we well know, no chair comes perfect for your body type out of the box; you have to adjust it to your height, arm length, and so on. That’s why having the ability to adjust some settings is very useful. The Polar Aurora offers 2 such adjustment setting:

  1. Adjustable seat height. The seat can go up and down; the whole range of motion there is 4 inches which is quite a lot. The shorter guys can put the lower the chair and the taller gamers can lift it up.
  2. Armrest angle adjustment. The Polar Aurora doesn’t feature the 4D movement of the armrest but it does have a 2D adjustment; you can adjust the angle at which the armrest faces your computer. People with extra long or extra short arms will know the struggle of fixed armrests. With this chair, you can adjust the angle and offer your arm the optimum position for headshots.

Complete Assessment Of Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

There is not much you can expect from most of the below $150 budget gaming chair. However, we found out that the Polar Aurora chair is a notable exception to the rule.

The chair has a solid build, high-grade PU leather and even features some adjustability settings.

Having a decent chair that costs less than $150 is probably the reason why it’s so loved by all kinds of gamers. You can get it here:

Check Current Price Here


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