noblechairs ICON Genuine Leather Gaming Chair Review: Superb!

I think it was Steve Jobs who said that design is not only what a product (like noblechairs ICON) looks and feels like; it’s also how it works.

There are numerous superlatives that will be used in the noblechairs ICON genuine leather chair review because, well, this is the iconic real leather chair that is considered by experts to be the absolute best gaming chair in existence. A whole lot of that assessment has to do with (finally!) having a stylish gaming chair with real leather, and that is the perfect marriage of gaming chair and office chair (more on that later on).

But if we simply boil down the noblechairs design to the 3 segments of the design according to Steve Jobs, here is how the noblechairs gaming chair measures up:

  1. It looks amazing.
  2. It feels comfortable.
  3. How does it work? By enabling you to work and game better.
Beautiful. Comfortable. Keeping you focused on the job/game at hand.

These simple features are the key to why noblechairs ICON is hailed as the best gaming and office chair combo. Amazing look, wholesome comfortability and skill-oriented ergonomics are not easily achieved.

Here is the glimpse in only 3 out of many features:

  1. Ergonomic design inspired by luxury sports car interiors. Did I mention the unparalleled genuine leather?
  2. 60+ pounds heavy = supreme build quality and materials. The heavier a chair is, the better. The additional pounds are a testimony of high grade and quality materials like real leather and steel.
  3. Finally a gaming chair you’re proud of using in the office. Why have one chair for gaming and another for office if you can have the one brilliant chair for both?

Of course, the sheer technology (thank you, German engineering!) and the materials needed to recreate a luxury car interior is quite expensive. This is the flip side of the noblechairs ICON series black leather chair – it’s quite above the pay grade of a normal gamer – and for good reason. Real leather office chairs are notoriously expensive. Add the solid steel frame and carefully crafted ergonomic features and you’re looking at a $800+ chair.

The best part: the price of noblechairs ICON is below $600. That’s right, a real leather office/gaming chair for less than $800.

In the following genuine leather noblechairs ICON chair review, we’ll hammer out all the aspects that make the noblechairs ICON chair the iconic fusion of gaming and office chairs.

noblechairs ICON gaming chair with real leather review

noblechairs ICON Chair Review

First of all, noblechairs ICON chair is as close as it gets to a 5-star chair rating. While assessing the ICON chair, we go quite in-depth into the fabric, ergonomic features and the build quality of the chair.

When talking about the features of this chair, the main point of why the ICON is such a popular chair can be somewhat lost.

Everybody who has ever sat on a PU or faux leather chair recognizes that having a genuine leather chair is amazing, both how it feels wise as well as durability-wise.

The ultimate question that the noblechairs ICON test answers is how to have a gaming chair that is more than appropriate for ergonomic office work as well:

gaming chair for office environment

Why you don’t have to ask a question if you would rather have a gaming chair for office or an office chair for gaming?

Simply because of the following equation:

Gaming Chair + Office Chair = noblechairs ICON chair

The chair was designed to be a perfect gaming chair. You have quite unique ergonomic features at play and the 4D armrests settings that enable an advanced focus for your ‘headshots’ shooting arm.

As far as the stylish design is concerned, however, the noblechairs ICON review reveals that this chair is designed to be a perfect office chair. You have the real leather that created an aura of reliability and durability for every office worker that sits it.

The bottom line is that the ICON can be used as both an office chair as well as a gaming chair. It is equally comfortable and ready to use for both types of office workers: 8h office time + 4h gaming time. 4h office time + 8h gaming time.

Usually, people will have two different chairs for gaming and office work. Why?

Well, simply because the office task chair can be a bit rigid and you use the more comfortable gaming chair to relax after a hard day at the office.

With the noblechairs ICON series chairs there is no need to have 2 chairs or to switch chairs; one noblechairs ICON chair is better than almost any combination of office-gaming chair and will keep you focused both on work and on gaming.

Unique Ergonomic Designed (Inspired By Luxury Sports Cars Seats)

If you ever had a fortune to seat in a Ferrari or BMW, you already know how it feels to be sitting in the noblechairs ICON chair.

The real problem with the classic gaming chairs (besides the obnoxious flashing colors) is that they can’t truly capture the overall ergonomic profile of a gamer from the tip of the spine to the head. They made do with lumbar or highback support cushions which are nice but don’t provide the overall support (that would be ideal).

noblechairs solution to a truly overall ergonomic profile was simple enough:

Reverse engineer luxury car interior and apply all the ergonomic features onto a gaming chair.

Here is the result: while a great majority of gaming chairs uses cushion supports here and there, the noblechairs ICON uses a 55% density freshly molded cold foam. Basically, if you don’t know anything about how foam density works, you only need to know two things (a bit more is said in the Foamite article about foam density):

  1. The higher the density, the longer the foam will last before softening up or sagging.
  2. The higher the density, the better you’ll sit. Anything beyond 40% is considered premium foam density.

By using 55% density foam, the noblechairs ICON chair doesn’t only add the full ergonomic makeup of the chair; it increases its durability.

The 55% foam is designed with comfort and breathability in mind. Especially breathability is very important, given that all of this high-quality foam is covered by real grain leather (leather’s problem No. 1 being breathability).

Let’s talk more about the choice of leather.

Top Grain Genuine Leather Puts ICON Chair Is Another Class Altogether

ICON chair in very special in the gaming world because it’s elite enough to use real leather. A (too) great majority of other gaming chair is covered by synthetic or artificial leather – faux or PU leather.

The well-made albeit a bit old fashioned office chairs do use real leather as well.

The noblechairs ICON chairs combined the best of two worlds: it has real leather (durable, comfortable) and it doesn’t look old fashioned. In fact, it looks more futuristic than most of the gaming chairs.

The specific leather used is the top grain leather; that is the very top of the cows hide, known to be extra soft and durable. This is how the top grain leather looks on the noblechairs ICON chair:

real leather chair for gaming
Top grain leather is known to be soft to the touch and durable.

If you’re a guy that doesn’t know his leathers, you can check out a 101 article about the different types of leather.

Basically, noblechairs chose the very best part of the cow’s hide to cover their ICON chair.

Build Quality

Whenever we’re looking at the quality of materials gaming chairs are made out of, we know that we can boil the build quality assessment down to one number:

The weight of the chair.

High-quality chairs are made out of high-quality materials, and high-quality materials such as steel, thick padding, even leather in the case of noblechairs ICON chair are heavy. Conclusion: heavy chairs are of better build quality.

Normally anything above 40 pounds is great but for the noblechairs ICON we had to create a weight category of its own: it weights a full total of 61.6 pounds.

The high weight number is exceptional for gaming chairs, making the ICON chair the heavy-weight champion of chairs for gaming. However, it also falls into the high-quality chair category of office chairs with those 60+ pounds.

Here is a bit lengthy list of high-quality materials that combine in one very comfortable and durable gaming office chair:

  • Thick 55% density foam, of course.
  • Top grain leather covering the foam.
  • Durable solid steel frame (this gives it the big 330 lbs weight capacity).
  • Aluminum base.
  • 4D armrests for pinpointing the position of your gaming hand for maximum focus (and minimum brain-to-arm lag).
  • 2.4-inch casters.
The one setback about build quality is the use of PU (polyurethane) on armrests and casters. The casters do have some nylon added but if only they would use fine rubber on those wheels, we would be looking at a chair with the perfect build quality.

What Is The Weight Limit Of noblechairs ICON Chair?

The ICON chair is bigger than a standard office or a standard gaming chair. The maximum weight capacity of a standard chair is anywhere between 250 and 300 pounds.

The noblechairs ICON chair is designed to support a maximum of 330 pounds; which is somewhat higher weight capacity than a standard chair.

Of course, the higher weight limit is directly proportional to how well the ICON is built. Using a solid steel frame and aluminum base (that’s the stuff the airplanes are made out of) increases the stresses the office/gaming chair can take.

What is even more important is the durability of the top grain real leather. If you are heavier, something in the neighborhood of 300 pounds, moving on the chair might cause wear and tear with cheap PU leather.

The truly amazing part of the 330-pound weight capacity of noblechairs ICON chair is not only that the frame and the base can take that weight; it’s that the covering fabric (genuine leather) can take it as well.

The Real Leather Chair Dimensions (Perfect For 5’12” Guys)

The dimensions are quite important, especially with a chair like noblechairs ICON because it has, unlike many other gaming chairs, a certain lack of customization. In short, your body should be built to fit the chair; if you’re too small (below 5’4”) or too tall (above 6’4”) you should definitely use smaller and bigger chairs, respectively.

The noblechairs ICON dimensions made it the most appropriate for gamers/office people that are:

  • 5’12” tall.
  • Have about 200 pounds.

It is a bit larger chair than a normal office chair, with an increased maximum weight capacity (up to 330 lbs).

dimensions of noblechairs icon office chair seat height width
Dimensions of noblechairs ICON gaming/office chair.

Let’s look at the key dimensions of the ICON chair:

  • Seat height: 18.3” – 22.2”. The noblechairs chair gives you quite a lot of wiggle space as far as the height of the seat is concerned (almost 4 inches, actually). The upper limit is 22.2” which is higher than most gaming chairs, making the ICON especially appropriate for slightly taller people.
  • The width and depth of the seat: 20.1” x 22.4”. A standard gaming chair seat dimensions are 18” x 20”. This makes the noblechairs ICON seat a bit bigger than standard size. However, what is great is that noblechairs producer also gives us the actually contact seat size (you know, the area you can actually put your ass on). It’s 19” deep and 13.5” wide.
  • Total dimensions – width x height x depth = 20.5″ x (49.8″ – 53.7″) x 22.5″. 

How Much Does The noblechairs ICON chair costs?

Let’s first set some benchmarks on how much real leather gaming and office chairs cost:

  • Real leather gaming chairs: $500 – $1000.
  • Office chairs: $600 – $1800.

These are quite broad price intervals. The real leather noblechairs ICON fits right at the lower price limit for the real leather office chairs. An original real leather noblechairs ICON chair costs less than $600.

That’s real leather ICON. The family of ICON chairs, however, has three members. They are all quite alike in the design and build quality; they differ in one of the most important aspects of any chair – leather quality.

Here are the rough price estimates for how much different leather quality noblechairs ICON chair cost:

  • Chair with PU leather – $370.
  • Chair with Real leather (this is the noblechairs ICON we’re currently reviewing) – $580.
  • Chair with Nappa leather – $1.000.
The most famous and popular ICON chair is the real leather chair as is priced fairly in comparison to the PU leather chair and moderately in comparison to the Nappa leather chair.

Of course, right now you might be interested in what is this Nappa leather and what it is about it that it can command a $1000 a chair price.

Again, let’s open our leather dictionary to find out. In short, Nappa leather is the most supple leather there is. It is a full grain smooth leather and is primarily used to make those extra high-quality gloves for $500. This kind of leather gives the best possible feeling a leather can give bit it does come at a premium cost.

Price assessment: real leather noblechairs ICON price is at a high end for ordinary gaming chairs. BUT! Given that it can serve as a superb office chair and it has real leather, the price of below $600 is very moderate in comparison with other real leather office chairs.

Color Of Leather And Extra Features

There is a whole lot of extra features that this chair offers but we didn’t cover them in the noblechairs ICON review. These are basically a set of standard features of high-end office chairs, you can review them yourself in the following photo:

extra features of ICON chair
Extra features of ICON chair we didn’t cover in the review.

Really the biggest request or FAQ asked when deciding which noblechairs ICON to buy is:

“What kind of leather colors are there to choose from?”

On most of the material about the ICON chairs you’ll see the black leather example but that doesn’t mean that there is only real black leather office chair that noblechairs offer.

Here are the three most popular leather color choices:

three real leather options for gaming chairs
Three most popular leather color options for ICON: Blue/Graphite, Gold, and Black.

You can also get noblechairs ICON with a shade of red, white or even with PU white leather. Check all the available leather color options here.

It is quite unfortunate that you can get all the different leather colors only in PU leather. For example, Nappa leather is only available in black and real leather is available in black and blue/graphite.

 Summary Assessment Of Real Leather ICON chair

What a chair! The noblechairs ICON is the one that astonished us the most. The near-perfect gaming chair covered with real leather covering and inspired by the luxury car interiors is also one of the best real leather office chairs. The uncanny marriage of a gaming chair and office chair is literally unparalleled in the premium chair industry.

  • Gaming Chair (functional) + Office Chair (elegant)

  • Real Leather! Specifically Top Grain Geniune Leather

  • Superb Build Quality – Solid Steel Frame, Aluminum Base

  • Ergonomic Sophistication (Modelled After Luxury Sports Car Interior)

  • 4D armrests to focus your shooting hand

  • … Pretty Much The Most Amazing Chair We Ever Reviewed

  • Casters Made Out Of PU Leather Are Not Ideal

  • Not For Very Short (under 5’4”) Or Very Tall (above 6’4”) People

  • High-End Price (But Very Fair Pricing For Real Leather)

Build Materials:5 out of 5 stars
Ergonomics:5 out of 5 stars
Comfortability:4.9 out of 5 stars
Extra Features:4.6 out of 5 stars
Price:4.8 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating:4.9 out of 5 stars
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Need A Second Option?

The noblechairs ICON chair is quite a popular chair and pretty much everybody who knows anything about gaming chairs (and even office chairs) wants to share their opinion on the real leather gaming and office chair that is noblechairs ICON.

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