12 Best Red And Black Gaming Chairs For Reddish Setups

The red and black gaming chairs are all the rage. In the world of gaming, the “red and black” is the new “black”.

I figured it’s because all the sickest and most badass gaming rigs are in red and black. I don’t even know you but I guess you’ve probably seen a computer rig with red LED lights that looks really badass.

Gamers are really funny: we usually sit in a dark(ish) room and couldn’t match our socks with our shirt. However, when it comes to delicately putting together our gaming rigs, we’re totally on.

And the best accessory to our red(ish) gaming setups (not to mention the ergonomic benefits and comfy sitting) are the red and black gaming chair.

There’s like a million of the reddest and the blackest gaming chairs out there. We here at the Gaming Chairs Hunter really took tracking down the best red and black gaming chair to the heart. We boiled down 100s of red gaming chair choices to the 12 best red and black gaming chairs (you can find the whole list below).

Be warned before checking out the list: You will see a whole lot of red and a whole lot of black. At first, you might be blinded by all this redness and blackness combinations.

Ultimate List Of Red And Black Gaming Chairs

Red And Black Chair:Chair Name:Add-ons:Rating:
gtracing audio red and black gaming chair with bluetooth speakers#1 GTRACING Amber Red And Black Gaming Chair With Speakers Music chair with Bluetooth speakers
Very comfortable
Incredible price performance (superb chair for less than $200)
5 out of 5 stars
Check Direct Price on GTRACING
akracing gaming chair in dark red and black color#2 AKRacing Core Series Imperial Red And Black Chair Very comfortable (wide shoulders, cold-cured foam)
3D armrsts and Class-4 gas lift
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check on AKRacing
vertagear red and black gaming chair edition with big casters#3 VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 Red/Black Edition Amazing Vertagear Chair
Lively imperial red color
Big smooth casters
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Vertagear
XPELKYS weird red color PU leather gaming chair#4 XPELKYS Scarlet Red Chair With Black Undertones 3 types of red (Red-10, Red-12, Red-16)
Superb reviews
Variable? pricing
4.6 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
red and black edwell chair with lumbar massage and footrest for comfortable sitting#5 EDWELL Red Massage Gaming Chair With Black Footrest Included massage lumbar pillow and footrest
Comfortable and cheap
Surprisingly decent quality
4.6 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
very simple amazonbasics red gaming chair from the profile#6 AmazonBasics Simple Red Chair Surprisingly all-rounded
Affordable pricing
Simple and reliable design
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
red and black edition of homal gaming chair#7 Homall Red And Black Gaming Chair Homall is very popular brand
Affordable and reliable
4.4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
most expensive red and black gaming chair#8 Steelcase Amia With Black Frame And Tomato Fabric Incredible office chair
Ergonomics first (but costly)
The best red office chair on the list
4.1 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
e sport gtpoffice gaming chair#9 GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair In E-Sport Red Edition Good overall support
Rose red color with darker tones
4 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
red and black faux leather chair by desino#10 Desino Red And Black Chair Appropriate for normal-sized guys
Ergonomic design
3.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
very cheap red and black gaming chair by vitesse#11 Vitesse Spanish Red And Black Chair Costs less than $150
Solid simple chair
3.8 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon
profile picture of dark red and black autofull gaming chair#12 AutoFull Ruby Red And Black Chair Beautiful ruby red color
3-years warranty
PRO edition chair
3.7 out of 5 stars
Check on Amazon

#1 GTRACING Amber Red And Black Gaming Chair With Speakers

The GTRACING gaming chair is the only red and black chair with speakers. The more I look at the chair, the more I start to get a feeling that I don’t understand why people think the GTRACING is light red is one of the best gaming chairs for them.

But then it hit me! Just the addition of speakers is perfect! You can hear footsteps in CS:GO, you can play chill music while playing strategy games; that’s really cool. People who buy it are into music, obviously, and they find it great.

When you check out GTRACING chair, you see the solid framework, the big and reliable casters and the Bluetooth speakers:

red gaming chair with bluetooth speakers
GTRACING is the only red music chair with Bluetooth speakers.

What most of us really need from a gaming chair, you say? Well, a cushy seat, sturdy design, adjustable parts in order to a custom set the chair to our body dimensions, and, in the end, the durability.

Even if you’re buying a gaming chair for cheap, you want to know that it will last for at least some years and the Mecor offers all of the above.

If you are looking for a decent cheap red and black gaming chair with speakers, you can buy GTRACING for less than $200:


#2 AKRacing Core Series Imperial Red And Black Chair Review (Broad Shouldered Redness)

AKRacing is one of the biggest brands in the gaming chairs industry. As a part of their Core series, they have created the EX-wide edition of their No. 1 gaming chair in red and black.

Compared to many red and black gaming chairs, the AKRacing Core chair is redder than most. It really has that pure red color covering almost every inch of the chair. This is called imperial red color after the colors that Napoleon used on his flags.

Where the AKRacing Core chair really surpasses other brands is the incredible comfortness (thanks to the 80,000 times stress-tested premium cold-cured foam) and strong steel skeleton of the chair:

pure red and black akracing core ex-wide gaming chair
AKRacing Core chair in red and black. It has an EX-wide shoulder area and the best cold-cured foam money can buy.

You can also see the parts that put the Core series chairs into the high-end category. It doesn’t stop with the cold-cured foam; the AKRacing has integrated its red and black chair with 3D armrests and the upgraded Class-4 gas lift that brings the total weight capacity up to 330 lbs.

One thing to mention is that it can be tippy if you extend all the adjustments to the extreme. So, small advice, don’t do that.

All in all, AKRacing Core is valued as one of the best gaming chairs with the best warranty. You can buy yours here:

Check on AKRacing

#3 VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 Rusty Red/Black Edition

Now, don’t even get me started with Vertagear. This is a fairly new California-based company that really went out of their way to create the best chairs in the world. I’ve talked all about Vertagear in this post.

The SL2000 is one of their best chairs and luckily, they have in rusty red and black. Here is how it looks:

sl2000 red and black chair
Vertagear SL2000 is one of the high-end red and black gaming chairs.

In contrast to the majority of gaming chairs, the Vertagear doesn’t make the below $200 chairs of somewhat questionable quality.

Their red and black chair is top-notch and made of the best materials that some of the ergonomic office chairs are made out of. You can check the higher price that Vertagear chair have here:

Check on Vertagear

#4 XPELKYS Scarlet Red-10 Colored Chair With Black Undertones

The XPELKYS red chair is definitely the most weirdly named red and black gaming chair. Now, this chair is great especially if you’re picky about the shade of red.

The XPELKYS chair you see on the photo below in the Red-10 shade of red (it’s like scarlet red, that’s red with some orange color). If you’re into discovering other kinds of red colors, they also have one in Red-12 and one in Red-16. Admittedly, I’m not all that knowledge about colors, so you’ll have to pick the perfect red color yourself:

red 10 red 12 and red 16 colors of gaming chairs
XPELKYS gaming chair comes in 3 red colors. You’re looking at Red-10, they also offer Red-12 and Red-16 colors.

What really stands out, apart from the whole pallet of red color, is actually nothing in particular. The XPELKYS chair has everything you would expect from a good gaming chair. It’s not incredible with fancy features, mind you, but it’s exactly what most of us who want to pair their red and black gaming rig with a chair need.

The great thing is that the seller is playing around with their prices. You can find it for $250, for $200 or even less. It really depends when you’re shopping for a chair. You can check the current price here:

Check on Amazon

#5 EDWELL Red Massage Gaming Chair With Black Footrest

EDWELL is one of the most interesting red chairs I’ve come across. For one, it is so cheap that I first thought it’s some Chinese crap. However, the EDWELL does come with a massage pillow which is a big plus as well as the footrest.

Obviously, this is a chair targeted for people who want to have a comfortable gaming chair without the associated financial ruin (it’s cheap, like really cheap). The 2D armrests are a nice addition as well and the whole redness of the EDWELL chair also shines out nicely:

red chair with massage pillow and black footrest
EDWELL is a comfortable gaming chair that includes the footrest and a massage lumbar pillow.

The one thing you need to check out when looking at the incredibly cheap gaming chair with so many features is the built quality.

Now, you can dig in deep and check each element – from chair frame to quality of PU leather, piston quality, memory foam quality and so on – or you can just check the review. And if you look at the EDWELL red chair reviews, they are actually brilliant.

The chair has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and most of the people love it because it’s so cheap and comfortable, with only a few reviews pointing out that it might be of questionable quality. You can check out all the reviews and the price here:

Check on Amazon

#6 AmazonBasics Simple Red Chair Review

I’m one of those gamers who are very suspicious when it comes to AmazonBasics items. For example, I tend to think I would never buy an AmazonBasic computer or graphics card.

That’s why I was surprised to see that Amazon has come up with their own gaming chair – in red and black edition, no less – than has tremendous reviews. The chair itself is quite standard looking and has the standard features, like rocking function, adjustable height adjustments, and smooth-rolling casters. The ruby-colored parts pop just right.

It is within the price range of budget red gaming chair but it does have a bit of an end with the premium PU leather (upgrade from standard PU leather upholstery). It also gives the AmazonBasics red gaming chair a nice look (you can also see several features here):

red premium pu leather amazonbasics gaming chair
Amazon has created its own gaming chair for an affordable price, with good quality and even better reviews. And it comes in red and black.

What Amazon did with their own gaming chair is just to pick all the necessary things a gamer really needs out of a gaming chair and combined them into one nice red-and-black looking chair.

That’s how they managed to keep their pricing very affordable (and the Amazon also can produce en mass, thereby again lowering the costs). You can check their current price on Amazon here:

Check on Amazon

#7 Homall B01N2VJBNT Red Chair With 1.8 mm Steel Frame

Of all the 100s of red and black combinations of gaming chairs, the Homall chair really deserves the highest marks of any red and black chair. Which is, honestly, quite surprising because this is not some big $500 gaming throne.

The quality of Homall is in its simplicity (and incredibly affordable cost). The chair has a simple design and is covered with red and black breathable PU Leather, has the no-nonsense 2D armrests and reinforced the metal frame.

In short, everything you basically need from a gaming chair, nothing too fancy, nothing too expensive, and the PU leather looks great:

red and black homal gaming what with 6 features
Homall chair is simple; but it does come with a great look, awesome features and unbeatable price for such a complete chair.

Each of the 6 great qualities on the photo above is most welcoming. The ergonomic headrest with the ability to recline back 180 degrees and extend the footrest under the seat is not only great for your back; it’s comfy as f*ck!

The really important part when gaming in the seat (that cardinal red and black molded foam is the best) and the lumbar support; both of these Homall provides. And for moving around, you will pray you don’t have PU covered wheels – the nylon casters are infinitely better.

When reading reviews of any chair, not just the red/black chairs, you really want to hear that it’s easy to install, comfy and that all adjustments work smoothly.

If you get ‘This is the best chair I have bought in my life so far’ and you see that is costs less than $200 (which is a crazy price for such an incredible chair), you can be pretty confident buying it. You can check it current price here:

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#8 Steelcase Amia With Black Frame And Tomato Fabric (Sophisticated High-End Chair)

If you’re looking for a badass office gaming chair Steelcase has just the thing for you. Their reddest chair is called the “Amia” and it comes in tomato red.

With the sliding seat and flexible lumbar support the Steelcase Amia is a high-end chair made out of the best materials you can find. But what really gives it it’s pure evil look in the superb cold-cured molded foam and the devilish looking soft cover.

Ready for the devilish black with shades of tomato red? Here is how the Steelcase Amia looks like:

can steelcase amia be used as a gaming chair
Steelcase Amia is the most ergonomic red chair you can use for gaming.

The premium look of the Steelcase Amia really goes above and beyond what any other black and blood-red gaming chair are even capable of.

You get the adjustable armrests, tilt-control (I’m not even kidding) and the supple microfleece breathable memory foam.

It’s also a comfortable chair you can sit on for hours on end and it will last for 15 full years.

Tough luck about the price; ergonomics don’t come cheap. Steelcase Amia is one of the most expensive black and red chairs. What is more, it’s selling so fast that it’s not unusual to find it out of stock. You can check if it’s currently in stock and how much it costs here:

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#9 GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair In E-Sport Red Edition

You haven’t heard about the GTPOFFICE chair yet? It’s actually one of the best-known gaming chairs. In short, it is a standard gaming chair with few premium parts for a low cost. That’s it, and gamers seem to love it.

The red GTPOFFICE is basically just a GTPOFFICE chair covered by red and black PU leather that comes with adjustable height seat, thick cushion under your bottom and sturdy structure. It’s not particularly ergonomic if truth be told, but the GTPOFFICE is kind of famous for being much more comfortable than other gaming chairs.

You can judge the GTPOFFICE in red yourself:

light red gaming chair
GTPOFFICE chair is one of the most popular standard gaming chairs because it is so reliable.

One thing that always comes up with the GTPOFFICE chair is how reliable it is. This was one of the first successful gaming chairs that people still buy just because their old GTPOFFICEis now 5 years old and they want a new one.

When you have reliability and the basic needs covered, you can only ask how much does it cost. Here the price and you can buy it with ease:

Check on Amazon

#10 DESINO Cheapest Crimson Red And Black Faux Leather Gaming Chair

The DESINO gaming chair is really something. First of all, it’s dirt cheap costing something like $120, and it has that nice shiny feel and that red color just pops. What’s more, the DESINO has two red colors to offer, the Red+ and Red3.

I’m not much of a color guy but you can see quite a difference in redness. The nice shiny feel is a result of the faux leather the DESINO crimson red and black gaming chair is covered with:

desino faux leather red and black chair for gaming
DESINO chair is covered by faux leather which gives it a nice shiny look.

The DESINO chair is also quite comfy; it even comes with the extendable footrest you can find underneath the chair. If you have a footrest fetish, you can check out our post about the best footrest-included gaming chairs.

All in all, the red version of DESINO chair is one of the most accomplished dirt-cheap gaming chairs you can buy:

Check on Amazon

What’s The Reddest Chair You Ever Had?

Do you agree with my choices? Obviously, we are all our own creation with our own opinions. If you owned a black and red chair in the past, you can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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