Secretlab Omega vs Titan: 4 Key Differences (Analysis)

This is just a short story. It goes from ‘Which is the best gaming chair’ to ‘Just tell me,  Secretlab Titan or Omega?’.

In short, everybody wants the best gaming chair. Anytime anybody asks me which brand of gaming chairs is the best, I immediately have a response ready:

“Secretlab, bro.”

Secretlab chairs are a no-brainer. Ever since the competitive gamers Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Choo decided to design the best gaming chair (and hence founded Secretlab), these premium chairs have seen dramatic popularity. They have limited edition chairs and gamers just throw money at them as fast as they can. It’s unlike any story in the gaming chair industry.

The thing that always surprises me is the most unsurprising thing. Avid gamers have heard of Secretlab before (obviously) and they have heard the Secretlab chairs are the best. What they actually want to know is this:

Which Secretlab gaming chair is the best?”

Well, that’s another question altogether. Secretlab has two main gaming chair series – Titan and Omega (recently they’ve also introduced Titan XL). So, the real question is which chair is better – Titan or Omega?

Essentially, the Titan is the natural evolution of the Omega chair. Omega is the original Secretlab chair. But when taller people needed a bigger chair, the Secretlab introduced the Titan. They’ve also added some upgrades in the lumbar and seat area. Those are exactly what separated the Titan from Omega chair.

side by side comparison of secretlab omega vs titan chair
Omega and Titan chairs side by side. You can check both of them out at Secretlab here.

To get a grip of these two gaming chairs, we’ll have a head-to-head Omega vs Titan gaming chair battle. There are 4 key differences:

  1. Size of the chairs.
  2. Which one is more comfortable?
  3. Which one is more ergonomic?
  4. Price of the chairs.

Here is a quick preview of which one is better in a certain category:

differences between secretlab omega and titan

We’ll see that there is one main difference between Omega and Titan: Size of the chair. There are, however, several other notable differences in lumbar and seat area we’ll point out.

After going through the due diligence of carefully comparing the Secretlab Titan vs Omega chairs, we’ll finally see which one chair deserves the title called ‘The Best Secretlab Gaming Chair Of 2020‘.

Picking Secretlab Chairs (Going From 50 To 2)

If you go to the Secretlab website, however, there are like 50 chairs you can choose from.

Looking at all the gaming chairs on the Secretlab website is a bit of a mess. You’ll be looking at 50 different chairs but, in reality, there are just 3 different chairs:

  1. Omega chair.
  2. Titan chair.
  3. Titan XL chair.

In fact, all these 3 series of chairs are, get this, 1 chair in 3 different sizes. Obviously, there are 3 other notable differences besides size. I gave them these names:

  1. Secretlab small chair = Omega.
  2. Secretlab normal chair = Titan.
  3. Secretlab extra large chair = Titan XL.

All that Omega Stealth, Classic, Royal, Dota 2, House Targaryen are basically the same Secretlab Omega chair with different upholstery skins. Literally skins; there is no difference in chair dimensions, the use of foam, or even gaming experience.

different backrest skins of secretlab titan and omega
Here are all the Secretlab 2020 skins for Omega and Titan.

It’s like having this or that skin on AK-47 in Call of Duty. Looks nice, doesn’t really do anything as far as shooting accuracy is concerned. You need skill (and no lag) for that.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that having different skins for Omega as well as Titan chair is nice. You can match both Secretlab chairs to your gaming setup. Oh yeah, they both have some 15+ skins. No difference there.

Let’s look at 4 key differences between Secretlab Omega and Titan chair.

Omega vs Titan: 4 Key Differences

In many ways, Omega and Titan are basically the same chairs. It’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit confused when picking one or the other. After all, Omega and Titan are both:

  • Made by Secretlab.
  • Look very similar.
  • Have the same choices of ‘skins’.
  • Have the same choices of upholstery (Prime 2.0 PU Leather, SoftWeave fabric, and Napa leather).

Titan is just a bit bigger chair, right? Well, right, the size is definitely the No. 1 difference.

However, we can also see the Titan as a natural upgrade to Omega chair. The Omega was the original Secretlab chair launched in 2015.

Titan was designed with two things in mind:

  1. Accommodate larger players. Taller guys complained about how small the Secretlab Omega is.
  2. To incorporate all the upgrades in the gaming chair industry into the new flagship chair.

That how the Titan was born; the bigger AND upgraded version of Omega.

Let’s first look at the “bigger” part and deal with “upgraded” later on.

#1 Titan Is Bigger (For Guys Between 5’9” And 6’7”)

When Secretlab Omega chair was launched in 2016, the gaming community in Singapur was all praise about it. I mean, this was one of the first tilt mechanism gaming chairs that actually was sturdy as it should be. Not like those poor-made chairs that just looked awesome (but were crap stability-wise).

On one end you had “This is the best gaming chair ever made” and “Wow, actually a gaming chair that’s cool AND stable as f**k”. On the other hand, however, were (much fewer in number, obviously) comments like “Man, it’s great, but it’s too small for me” and “Good chair but if you’re 6+ foot, I wouldn’t recommend it”.

Secretlab quickly picked up on those Omega reviews. Of course, they wanted to make the best gaming chair and did a pretty good job.

Nonetheless, they knew that the Omega chair, made for guys below 5’11” with a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs will hardly appeal to 300 lbs 6’4” guys, no matter how great the Omega was.

Fortunately, they already had a bigger chair – the Titan – in the design stage. The Titan, even as the name suggest, is BIG! Well, not that big as CAPS LOCK would suggest. The Titan is big in comparison to the Omega. But compared to a regular gaming chair, it might be just a bit bigger.

comparison between size of secretlab omega and secretlab titan size and maximum weight capacity

For reference, here are the full dimensions of Omega chair compared with the dimensions of the Titan chair:

Secretlab Omega VS Titan Dimensions

DimensionsSecretlab OmegaSecretlab Titan
Backrest Length:31.5''33''
Backrest Width:21''21.7''
Armrest To Armrest:24.4'' - 27.6''26'' - 29.1''
Seat Width:22''20.5''
Floor To Seat:18.1'' - 21.9''18.7'' - 22.4''
Weight Of Chair:66 lbs77 lbs
Recommended Height
(Your Height):
Below 5'11''5'9'' - 6'7''
Weight Capacity:
240 lbs290 lbs
Where To Buy: Check Price Check Price

As you can see from the comparison, Titan measurements are about 5% or even up to 10% above Omega measurements. Titan with 77 lbs is also 17% heavier than the Omega.

The only aspect where Omega is bigger than Titan is the seat width. Omega has a seat width of 22” while Titan has a seat width of 20.5”. That’s quite a paradox; how can a bigger Titan have less seat width than the smaller Omega?

Well, the problem Omega can have is that you kind of float in the seat because it’s so wide. The upgrade Titan introduced is a 1.5-inch narrower seat. That makes for a much more compact seating. You’re not floating in the Titan; you have more stability.

Overall, if you’re around 6 feet tall, the Secretlab Titan is obviously a much better choice.

#2 Titan Is More Comfortable (It Has Levelled Seatbase VS Basic Pillows Omega Has)

You’ll see a lot of people wondering “Are Secretlab chairs comfortable?”. Obviously, you want a comfortable gaming chair, that’s the point.

Standard gaming chairs have a simple solution of how to add comfortability: They simply come with pillow. Lumbar pillow, head pillow, and so on. When Secretlab started, they used the same tactic. That’s why Omega has those pillows that you also see in chairs that cost $200.

From a $400 or a $500 gaming chair, however, you would expect something better, right?

And Titan was designed with better comfortability in mind. This is the most apparent with 3 major upgrades that Titan has and Omega lacks:

  1. Leveled seatbase. That offers you an actual stable and comfy seating. Omega has ‘Snug Fit Seatbase’ which is basically a standard seat. Titan has the upgraded leveled seatbase; you can even sit cross-legged on that if you want to.
  2. Narrower seat. Omega has a wide seat in which you swim a bit if you don’t have wide hips (most of us guys don’t have that). Titan has a narrower seat that gives you much more stability.
  3. Integrated adjustable lumbar support. In contrast to the Omega pillow ‘solution’, the integrated lumbar support can squeeze your lower back and gives you more custom-like support (this is especially important as far as ergonomics are concerned).

comparison of seatbase of secretlab chairs

Omega itself is a fairly comfortable gaming chair. However, these 3 key upgrades make the Titan that much more comfortable. Everybody true gamer who sits for 3 or more hours will know nice is to have every bit of comfortability. You can keep your focus longer and your whole body doesn’t start to ache all over.

Titan being more comfortable than Omega is a major point for the Secretlab Titan.

Additional note: For female gamers, having a wider seat can be better. Females have, on average, wider hip area, and Omega offers that.

Here a general rule: Titan is for guys (taller, narrower hips), Omega is for girls (shorter, wider hips).

#3 Titan Is More Ergonomic (Taking Care For Your Back Is A Long-Term Investment)

The biggest advancements in gaming chair design are made in ergonomics. Having a solid and stable ergonomic sitting during gaming is a long-term investment.

But what am I even talking about? You’re a young healthy guy, who cares about how well you sit, right?

Well, people in the 40s and 50s who work office jobs and sit 8 hours a day will tell you that they wished they started to care about their back in their 20s. Ergonomic gaming chairs are exactly the right way of taking care of your back.

Here is where we come to the new upgrade Titan has: the integrated adjustable lumbar support. That is lumbar support you see in luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW and so on.

You can adjust it manually to hug your lower back exactly as you like it. Basically, it’s custom-made lumbar support; the best any chair has to offer and the one thing you should wish for the most.

improved ergonomic properties titan has over omega

Titan has it and Omega doesn’t have it, simple as that.

The superb ergonomic qualities of Titan chair are both important and obvious. Ergonomics-wise, the Titan is miles ahead of Omega and makes a much better choice for serious gamers.

#4 Omega Is Cheaper (About 10% Price Difference)

Secretlab Omega is $359. Secretlab Titan is 399$. Here the math is simple. Omega is about 10% cheaper than Titan.

Of course, Titan is 17% heavier. 17% more materials go into building 1 Titan chair vs 1 Omega chair. Of course, the Titan will be more expensive.

With Titan you do get all the upgrades: Leveled seatbase, integrated adjustable lumbar support and all the comfortability and ergonomics that come with that.

However, with the Omega, you can keep $40 in your wallet. For many people, $40 is quite a lot.

The price tag is definitely on the side of Secretlab Omega. Nonetheless, if you know you’re paying around $400 for a chair that will last for years, 10% is not such a big difference.

Secretlab Chair Battle Decided: 3 To 1 For The Titan

There no doubt that Secretlab has put a lot of effort into designing both Omega and Titan chair. Nonetheless, Omega was the original chair, while the Titan is the bigger upgrade. Bigger upgrades are usually better, right?

The $40 difference is something to take into account. Omega gets 1 point for that.

On the other hand, Titan gets 3 points for:

  1. Being a bigger chair more appropriate for a larger audience. The majority of gamers prefer a bigger, more compact chair.
  2. Being more comfortable. The more comfortable and narrower seat Titan seat will allow to enjoy you to game much more comfortably.
  3. Being more ergonomic. For me, this is the most important difference. Having a chair that takes care of your back is golden.

Ok, let’s ring the bell on this battle of gaming chair champions match. Without a doubt, the Titan is the supreme chair and doesn’t only deserve to title of ‘The Best Secretlab Gaming Chair Of 2020’. Honestly, with all the high-grade materials, comfortability qualities, and, above all, being ergonomic, you can make a case that Titan 2020 is quite probably the best gaming chair on the market today.

You can check both chairs here:


So, to end this short story, when people ask me ‘Titan or Omega’, I can reply with confidence:

The Titan, bro.

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