UOMAX Gaming Chair Review: Futuristic Design With LED Lights

The UOMAX gaming chair is a sophisticated chair with a futuristic design and even LED light to boost.

The design of the LED chair is quite unique. The thin and lightweight backseat features the curved lower back support and high-back support. It’s just incredible how thin it is.

Weighing only 31 pounds in total, the UOMAX gaming chair is like an iPhone of gaming chairs:

  • Very thin. It’s like the thinnest gaming chair we’ve tracked down so far.
  • Very light. This helps with its cutting-edge science look but is it good for your back?
  • Futuristic design. The UOMAX is designed like some kind of space invader’s chair. The LED lights are impressive as hell.

It’s really like sitting in a cutting-edge science chair. The first thing you’ll probably notice are the futuristic diamond cut lines at the back of the seat.

Bringing the UOMAX chair to the LAN party gives you an extra boost of gaming cred just because how it looks from the back.

In this UOMAX gaming chair review, we’ll look at its back, the front, the seat, how comfortable or uncomfortable it is and if this futuristic design actually just looks only awesome or does it add to your gaming performance.

It’s very reasonably priced, you can always check out the current price here:

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Before we go into the whole review mode; here is a warning for all tall and big guys. Don’t get excited to quick – the UOMAX chair is a bit smaller than your average gaming chair with the maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. If you’re 6’4”, you should check out some larger chairs in our article about the 7 Biggest Chairs For Big Guys.

UOMAX Chair For Gaming Review – Is It Really THAT Awesome?

I would be lying if I wasn’t excited when I first had a look at the UOMAX chair. It just looks awesome and has some awesome features such as the diamond cut lines in the back and the LED lights.

But it does cost less than $200. So where’s the catch?

One thing that I red flagged right from the bat is the weight of the UOMAX chair. It only has 31 pounds. Admittedly, it has a very thin back that makes it looks so futuristic but if sitting on it while gaming for hours is a pain in the ass, it’s just not worth buying.

Basically, the whole point of reviewing the UOMAX chair is to determine if this futuristic and awesome-looking chair is really as awesome as far as comfortability and durability are concerned as well.

Being so lightweight, there is a risk of being not as durable as other 40+ pounds chairs. There are two things we need to check in order to determine that the UOMAX chair is both durable and comfortable:

  • Is it durable? We’ll check the materials it’s made out of. The frame itself seems quite strong though.
  • Is it comfortable? Its the thinnest chair ever without thick 5-inch padding everywhere. However, it has supporting padding on specific places (head, lumbar, the spinal part) and we’ll look such support can make the UOMAX chair both comfortable as well as ergonomic.

Let’s Cover The Basic Features Of UOMAX Chair First

The first two things anybody notices with the UOMAX are the LED lights and the diamond cut back. However, there is a lot of other things that this chair has and we’ll review the UOMAX extra features here.

As most of the chair for gaming, the UOMAX offers the 360-degree swivel. Having the ability to swivel around in a gaming chair is not an essential feature for gaming, nor does it affect your performance, but it is nice to have some freedom.

The reclining option is another such feature. The UOMAX chair offers 4 reclining settings:

reclining options of UOMAX chair for gaming
4 reclining options of UOMAX chair include working, gaming and napping.

The whole range of reclining is between 90 and 135 degrees. Usually, gaming chairs other than UOMAX offer a larger range – up to 170 degrees or even to 180-degree angle. Do those extreme angles help you in any way? Well, if you like to sleep in a gaming chair, you can do that but usually gamers rather find a couch or bed for sleeping.

Personally, I prefer the chairs will lower range reclining. Why? Anything beyond 150-degree is not useful in any way and, of course, you’re paying for those extra degrees of reclining.

As we’ve discussed before, two of the most important things when it comes to reviewing the UOMAX gaming chair is to figure out if it’s comfortable and durable.

Is UOMAX Gaming Chair Comfortable?

When you’re playing for at least an hour, you’ll want a comfortable chair. For 3-4 hours gaming per day, you’ll need an ergonomic chair that improves your posture (or at least doesn’t hurt your back).

The red flag of UOMAX as far as comfortability is concerned is thin as hell. That gives the futuristic look; but, surprisingly, they have achieved to cramp it a variety of comfy and ergonomic paddings at strategic places.

The UOMAX gaming chair has a thick seat padding; which is essential for having a comfortable seat. The smart padding support is added on the armrests, high-back support and at the lumbar area, optimizing the ergonomic features to the fullest. 

What makes UOMAX gaming chair especially appealing is the thorough smart design. Not only did the designers invest their time into making a futuristic chair; the whole spine of the chair, from the high-back padding to lumbar support, is designed to be ergonomic.

ergonomic features of UOMAX gaming chair including lumbar support and high back support
The smart lean design of UOMAX chair provides you with high-back and lumbar support, cozy seat and the unique curved back support spinal design.

The special attention should be put to the curved back support. In essence, the designed of the UOMAX gaming chair have sculptured the backrest itself to fit your spine and help you with retaining better posture. This is some next level ergonomics that you can only see with the high-end office chairs like Herman Miller.

All in all, the comfortability checks out perfectly. They optimized all the padding to the fullest extent and even sculptures the backrest of the UOMAX chair itself to support your back.

How Durable Is The UOMAX Chair?

This first concern with lightweight chairs that cost less than $200 is always are they going to last. As you can see in this UOMAX gaming chair review, this chair fits is exactly this category.

Let’s look at the sturdiness first. The UOMAC uses nylon-star base to support the weight of the gamer. Nylon-based chairs are not as strong as hard steel chairs. However, nylon has about 7-8 times lower mass density than steel. Translation: it is 7-8 times lighter.

The use of nylon as a base material explains why UOMAX can be so lightweight.

The important thing here is that nylon is both hard and durable but does break more easily than steel when you put a lot of weight on it. Thus it is of paramount importance that you weigh 200 pounds or less. You’ll find the nylon base perfect given you’re not a big guy.

Additionally, the nylon base was tested by a 250 guy sitting on it for 5-10 hours per day. In short, the nylon performs really well durability-wise.

The other critical point of every chair is the upholstery. The UOMAX chair is coved with PU leather (as most gaming chairs are) but not just any kind of PU leather.

Fortunately, the UOMAX chair is covered with the best possible variation of PU leather that is known for:

  • Durability.
  • Stain-resistivity. Coffee and Mountain Dew go off the PU leather magically easy.
  • Water-resistivity. If you do spill some coffee on it, the leather won’t mushroom up as is the case with low-grade PU leather.

The superb UOMAX design even has something extra for long-hour gamers. On the backside, you’ll see the mesh panels that provide the airflow to your back. The mesh is highly durable and it gives you a cool cooling effect while gaming.

All in all, the durability of UOMAX gaming chair also check out, and surprisingly well for that. The secret is in the smart design of the chair.


The UOMAX chair is remarkable and all the praise goes to the design of the chair. The addition of LED light and diamond cut lines in the back is one thing.

The really incredible feature is the curved back support design with mesh air cooling feature that makes the UOMAX chair one of the most innovative gaming chairs we’ve ever hunted down.


  • Unique Futuristic Design

  • Awesome LED Lights

  • Thin And Lightweight Materials

  • Incredible Spinal Support

  • Most Futuristic-looking Chair

  • Only 250 lbs Maximam Weight Capacity

  • Fragile If You Put Too Much Weight On It

Build Materials:4.3 out of 5 stars
Ergonomics:4.3 out of 5 stars
Comfortability:4.4 out of 5 stars
Extra Features:3.8 out of 5 stars
Price:4.3 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating:4.3 out of 5 stars
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Honestly, if you think you have a more futuristic looking gaming chair in mind, help us continue the hunt. Write the name of the next-tech gaming chair in the comments and start us down the right track to find an even more futuristic looking chair for gaming.

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